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Good Reps are NO Longer Good Enough

By Lisa Leitch, CSP2                                           Are you good enough for your customers? Today’s demanding customers expect [...]

Is Growth Destroying Your Customer’s Experience?

By Angela Leach, CSP I’ve recently experienced what it’s like to be demoted as a customer.  I used to receive special-status treatment at the local optometrist office.  The doctor and staff always made me feel [...]

Disciplines & Distractions: 3 Simple Disciplines to Overcome Year End Distractions

By Lisa Leitch, CSP2 During the month of December, most sales representatives are too focused on hitting their sales goals for the year. To do this, many reps often apply more transactional selling to get [...]

Ditch the Pitch – Just Talk to Me

By Angela Leach, CSP We bought a new home this past July. With three kids to get settled before the new school year, we needed to sell our current home quick. So, the hunt for [...]

Disciplines & Distractions: What’s Getting in Your Way of a Productive Sales Day & Year?

By Lisa Leitch, CSP2 Every salesperson and sales leader have an overflowing platter of things to do: goals to achieve by the end of the year, new customers to find, managing back-orders, troubleshooting problems, and [...]

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