We love what we do here at Teneo Results.

We get to meet new people every day, learn about their businesses and their lives and earn money doing it! 

Can you and your sales teams say the same thing?

Whether you are a sales leader, support sales teams or are on the front lines as the one making the calls and going to meetings, it isn’t always easy in this business – but you can make it more fun, like we do!

In our role as sales trainers, our job is to help you with three things: 

1. Question

Salespeople believe they need to “present” to be successful. This is not always true. Most times, the best way to learn what your client needs is to ask. Get curious, make less assumptions, ask more questions and ask better questions. Just because you have been with a client for many years does not mean you have all the answers. A client’s needs can change, and new challenges can come up with a shift in the marketplace.

Think back: When was the last time you were asked an interesting question by someone trying to sell you something? Be that person – the one asking great and memorable questions to your clients.

The key to wisdom is knowing the right questions to ask. Your clients have the answers.

2. Learn

As adults, we get busy with our lives and forget that we still have the ability to learn new things. Raise your hand if you have ever had a client call when you are having a nice dinner in a restaurant, lacing up your kid’s skates or buying groceries!

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When we are in “get it done” mode, we forget to analyze the effectiveness of our actions. Consider this your permission slip to learn something new: strategize productively, cultivate your curiosity with your clients and listen closely to uncover hidden opportunities.

An investment in sales training allows for time to learn and think so you and your sales team can figure out new ways to get better results!

3. Earn 

When salespeople are curious and invest in themselves, they are more effective. Efficient, calm and refreshed salespeople make more money and, let’s face it, are way more fun to manage.

Teaching salespeople how to be more productive, so they can increase the money for their organization and their own bank accounts, is one of the best parts of our job!

Here is Teneo’s very own Jennifer Krueger to talk about why she loves teaching our clients. 


For those of us who love being a part of the sales industry, it is incredibly rewarding.

If you are wishing you could breathe new life into your career, take a look at why – are you and the members of your team still professionally curious?

Teneo’s challenge: Investigate how sales training can refresh your team’s sales approach.

Would you like to master the skill of having purposeful business conversations?

Teaching you how to put “question, learn and earn” into play is our specialty!

Contact us to learn how you can become masterful by being more curious in all of your sales meetings![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]