What is a sales leader to do when business is at a low point in terms of morale and profit?

As they say, “the best defense is a good offense”.

Integrated Sales training and coaching is the answer. It puts “process” into the sales cycle and gets results using accountability and fire in the belly.

It shifts your mindset, gives you a solid plan moving forward and levels the playing field for all sales team members regardless of experience.

Meet Vince Travaglini, Vice President of Sales at StackTeck Systems Inc. He came to his position as VP with an Engineering background and little experience in sales.

Vince knows first-hand how the power of sales training can turn around a sales team and profit margins.

With Teneo’s Sales Coaching Sales System, Vince and his team were able to reverse an almost 30% decrease in sales to an increase of 45%!

When Vince approached us for training, he confided he was looking for more structure in the sales process. He wanted a format he could use with the whole team that would make them more proactive.

He wanted to implement a planning process where his team took initiative rather than waiting for orders to come in. As he says, “Our orders intake was very weak at the time and I thought this would be a good way to motivate the team.”

He admits that his team was skeptical at first. “The usual ‘we don’t need training’ and ‘it’s not for us’ started coming out. As the team started to learn the concepts they began to get attention from others in the organization and receive compliments on how it was changing their behaviour.”

Once training started, the concepts and tools took the lead giving Vince a way to effectively communicate with his team rather than him “bossing” them around.

Vince’s decision to get training was right on track and now his team is singing a different tune.

As one colleague put it, “Vince created a very positive environment where the team was not only able to complete the certification but also exceed sales targets for 2017 by significant margins!”

Vince is very proud of his team who rallied together, applied the strategies and the consultative conversation to uncover more opportunities, creating an incredible sales journey success.

So, what was the final result for Vince and his team? I will let Vince tell you:

“In 2016 the market was tough and our orders were down 28%. After working with Teneo Results through courses and coaching, orders increased by 45% in 2017 and we surpassed our plan by 7%! The team has been on fire and their confidence is high with proactive business conversations and applying consultative selling techniques.” 

Vince Travaglini, Vice President Sales, StackTeck


Vince and his team had exceptional results for their efforts but they are not an anomaly.

Integrated training and coaching programs are the game-changer your sales team needs to create the turnaround you are looking for in your organization.

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How will it help you? Here are some of the key benefits enjoyed by Vince, his team and other sales leaders who have taken our training:

  • Allows you to set clear expectations with your sales team and a plan for how to achieve them.
  • Changes the outlook of your sales team to give them confidence and accountability for success.
  • Creates a positive and supportive environment to build skills, professionalism and team unity.

Do you want to see a successful turnaround in your sales team’s output like Vince?

Teneo is extremely proud of Vince’s sales team for turning around their customer and sales situation. They were awarded the Teneo “Star Worthy Team Award” in April 2018!

Teneo offers training programs to teach your sales team the process, tools, and its application so you can get similar results.

Are you ready to put fire in the belly of your sales team and get incredible sales results? Contact us to learn more![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]