Effectively Lead through COVID-19: Sales Leaders Talking with Sales Leaders

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Our Approach



Let’s discuss your sales questions, challenges and ambitious sales goals. Schedule your complimentary call.



We create a plan with you to help your sales team become expert consultative sellers.



Your sales team will have significant wins. Celebrate them!

We’ll spend 30 minutes discussing your needs & how we can help.

At Teneo, we want to understand you, your team, your customers and your company. Most importantly, we want to know where you want to go, so we can help.

“Deep dive” sales training and coaching

We don’t just train your team—we join it. We understand that the only way to grow your business is to know your team, understand your industry and customers, and help your team master the 6 conversations that fuel the sales process. No cookie-cutter solutions here! Our programs are customized and in-depth; partnering with you from three months to three years.

What sets us apart?

Ignite your
sales force

All of our trainers and coaches come from the sales trenches. So we don’t do fluff and theory. Just practical-tactical strategies that work. In fact, we’re a CPSA Accredited Partner and our programs exceed the highest standards set by the Canadian Sales Institute.

Leverage the power of consultative selling

Most sales people have a tendency to go into pitch mode and focus only on the sale-of-the-moment. That leads to slow sales growth, if any at all. We help transform your sales team into high-performers who have purposeful conversations with prospects and customers, uncover bigger and better opportunities, and close more sales.

You can count on us

Our partnership approach to working with clients means we’re ready at any point to tackle new sales challenges you may face down the line. We’re more than just sales trainers and coaches, we’re teammates—and we’ll work with you to make sure you keep on getting the results you need.

Great sales training isn’t a one-and-done

A single workshop isn’t going to transform your sales team. That why our deep dive training sessions are followed up with group coaching over the long-term to reinforce new selling strategies and add to your team’s toolkit. As our experience with clients show, this approach yields the fastest ROI and highest sales growth.

Accredited Partnerships

Our accredited partnerships with CPSA , Objective Management Group and Women’s Business Enterprise provide opportunities for designations and assessments for sales professionals and their leaders to help them excel at sales performance, and to create a stronger sales profession that is respected by customers.

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