Teneo Results is a sales training organization that transitions sales leaders, sales teams and entire organizations to be strategic, proactive and brave. We accomplish this by changing product & price conversations to more purposeful business conversations that result in long term client retention and increased profitable growth.

Here’s how we work with you:


Let’s start with conversation

Let’s discuss your sales questions, challenges and ambitious sales goals. Schedule your complimentary call.


Collaborative training and coaching plan

We create a plan with you to help your sales team become expert consultative sellers.


Together, we celebrate

Your sales team will have significant wins. Celebrate them!

We’ll spend 30 minutes discussing your needs and how we can help.

At Teneo, we want to understand you, your team, your customers and your company. Most importantly, we want to know where you want to go, so we can help.

Client Success

At Teneo, we take great pride in our ability to become an extension of our clients’ teams.

When they get results, we get results!

We don’t just train sales professionals – we change habits, create consultative cultures, and set teams up for sales success, year-over-year.

Accredited Partnerships & Awards

We’re very proud of our partnerships and award-winning accomplishments.

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