What we do

We don’t just train your team – we join it. We understand that the only way to grow your business is to know your team, understand your industry and customers, and help you master consultative sales conversations to achieve a new level of sales success. We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions; we customize our training programs to fit your needs, because every client is unique.

What sets us apart?

Ignite your
sales force

As a CPSA Accredited Partner, our sales training and coaching programs meet and exceed the highest standards set by the Canadian Sales Institute. Our team of sales trainers have all worked in the sales trenches and bring their hands-on knowledge to your training.

Our solutions go from the inside-out

We start with your sales leaders to create the needed cultural shift at that most pivotal point. Then we work with your sales team and your customer service/inside sales force to get everyone on board and moving in the same direction.

We’re here for you with ongoing support

Our insider view of your team and your business means we’re ready at any point to tackle new sales challenges you may face down the line. We’re not consultants, we’re teammates – and we’ll work with you to make sure you keep on getting the results you need.

Great sales training isn’t a one-and-done

With our integrated sales training, all of our training sessions are supported with follow-up group coaching to reinforce new selling strategies and add to your team’s customer toolkit. This long-term process yields the fastest ROI and provides the highest financial gain.

Accredited Partnerships

Our accredited partnerships with CPSA and Objective Management Group provide opportunities for designations and assessments for sales professionals and their leaders to help them excel at sales performance, and to create a stronger sales profession that is respected by customers.

How we work

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How we work

Sales Leaders

Exceptional Sales Leaders are coaches, communicators, and champions to their sales teams, the pivotal point of sales success to your organization. We give sales leaders the insights and strategies they need to inspire their teams and raise the bar on results.

Sales Team

Great sales teams drive business success – and equipping sales professionals with the skills they need to go from good to great is what we do best.

Inside Sales/Customer Service Team

Your customer-facing employees are your company’s front line - and a valuable extension of your sales team. We teach them the tools and best practices they need to deliver a premium customer experience, every time.

Across Your Organization

We work with your entire organization to align your sales culture across all departments so that everyone is speaking the same language, creating an exceptional customer experience that drives revenue and delivers results.


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