Your Buyers and Sales Team Are Changing – Will you be ready for 2020?

By the year 2020 almost half of the Canadian workforce will be comprised of millennials – what does this mean for you and your organization? Because of this workforce shift, the business landscape will change dramatically and the way customers and companies buy and sell is bound to evolve. Creating

Top 5 Methods of Prospecting 

No matter what type of industry, there exists many types of prospecting to find qualified leads.  Salespeople need to prospect continually-the real question is how?  Here’s a list of several common types of prospecting: Warm Calling Warm calling remains the most effective way to set up appointments with the right

Its Q2 – do you have enough in your Pipeline to Achieve 2016 Sales Goal?

As we move into Q2 – its’ critically important to ensure we have added enough opportunities in the Sales Pipeline in Q2 to ensure you will hit your 2016 Sales Goal.  With longer sales cycles and more people involved in the decision making process – the spring/Q2 is an ideal

What Every Sales Leader Needs to Do Now To Survive in 2020

  The business landscape will dramatically change over the next 5 years with how customers and companies buy and sell.  Creating the optimal sales team and culture that evolves into 2020 is quickly becoming priority for industry leaders and companies.  The challenge that most companies are facing is the new

Webinar Recording – “Your Buyers and Sales Team are Changing – How will you be ready by 2020?”

Your Buyers and Sales Team are Changing - How will you be ready by 2020? Did you know... • By the year 2020, 50% of the work force will be represented by millennials (those currently under the age of 34) • Millennials buy from salespeople differently than other generations. Register ,

The Top 5 Things Employers MUST know about Millennials

Millennials are the largest, most diverse, most educated and most connected generation of all time and that’s why companies have to pay attention to them in a big way. Here are the TOP 5 THINGS EMPLOYERS MUST KNOW ABOUT MILLENNIALS in order to attract, retain and engage this generation. 1. Flexible Work

7 Reasons To Complete Business Reviews With Your Clients

with your current clients - especially your top clients. A business review meeting is valuable to your clients too! In my years in sales, I found this to be a game-changer to move my relationships from vendor to a more trusting partnership.

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