The month of November is typically an ideal time to be setting your goals for the next year – I’m recommending you don’t set your goals, yet!  No, not because of COVID and the fact that 2020 has been a year of ever-changing protocols, strategies and even goals. I’m recommending you take the time to do an analysis of your sales and clients before you establish and finalize your goals for 2021.

Every year, our Teneo team spends 2-days off site at a quaint boutique hotel to analyze, strategize and plan our vision and goals for the upcoming year, as well as following 3 years. This year, due to COVID we collectively decided it was not worth the risk to meet in-person even with social distancing, so we blocked an hour and a half of time in our calendars on several days in November as the alternative to our typical 2-days off site.

We chose to dedicate each day of our virtual strategy session to the analysis of each different aspect of our business. With this more detailed and focused analysis, it was amazing what we learned and how it made setting goals and priorities for 2021 so much easier!

I’ll admit (as I love setting goals) that I typically will jump ahead and start pre-planning the goals, even having them drafted to present and get buy-in during the usual 2-day strategy session. The approach we took this year forced me to analyze first – before making any goals or starting new initiatives.


Here’s what we at Teneo learned through this year’s analysis…


Sales Analysis

Even though our sales are about 80% of last year sales due to COVID and not being able to deliver live training, we have secured more new clients this year than ever before! We have dedicated several mornings each week to prospecting and its paying off, along with hosting the new Give-Get-Gain complimentary sessions for Sales Pros and Sales Leaders.


Training Analysis

In today’s world of validating every expenditure including training – we need to help our clients focus on getting even more sales results.


Social Media & Marketing Analysis

Our top posts and videos are not focused on sales tips & strategies, rather are little candid glimpses into our personal day-to-day lives.


The biggest ah-ha was when our Teneo team member Angela took us through a SWOT Matrix Analysis to weight and rate our top internal and external factors impacting our business.  It revealed exactly what our priorities need to be in 2021 to build a stronger business and better serve our clients, with input from the entire team.


Here are 3 Ways to Analyze your Sales, Clients, and your Sales Team before you finalize your 2021 and 2024 Goals & Strategies:


1. Ideal Client Analysis – This is a great exercise to analyze your clients for the past 2 years to determine who are your ideal profitable clients, as it may have changed this past year and we want you to focus your time and efforts to attract more of the right type clients. You can download the Ideal Client Analysis complimentary from our Tools & Templates page here.


2. SWOT Matrix Analysis – Get your team to identify your top 3 internal and external factors impacting your business, then weight and rate each factor to determine your priorities for next year.


3. Sales Evaluation – Analyze your team’s 21 Core Sales Competencies to determine each individual’s and the collective team’s strengths, as well as areas of improvement. The Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis (SEIA) will help you look under the hood of your sales team, and help you create a high performing team to push forward on the road to sales success.