Are you a Sales Road Warrior who is realizing that COVID is changing the way you can sell?

Even though some customers don’t want to turn on their cameras, buyers are telling us that virtual selling is more efficient and effective than the F2F meetings of the past. 

Buyers are telling us that virtual selling is more efficient and effective than the F2F meetings of the past. Share on X


The first change to virtual selling that needs to happen is with Sales Professionals. In a recent webinar, 42% of sales professionals stated that they realize they need to embrace virtual selling as it is here to stay. Additionally, 35% stated that human disconnection from their customers & team is widening their sales performance gap, making it more difficult to achieve their 2020 sales goals. 43% stated getting really good & confident to apply the PURPOSE Consultative Framework in a virtual platform would help them to accelerate their sales recovery.


Self Talk – What is the self-talk that needs to change the most to confidently sell virtually? 

  1. I can learn different virtual platforms 10%
  2. Customers/buyers will buy from me virtually – 7%
  3. I can sell as well virtually as F2F – 27%
  4. I can do an interactive Lunch n’ Learn or demo using different platform features with polls & chat box – 9%
  5. I must embrace virtual selling, as F2F Customers Meetings will be the exception this fall – 47%


Which Factor is Widening your Sales Performance GAP? 

  1. Human Dis-Connection – 35%
  2. Commitment – 11%
  3. Prospecting – 22%
  4. PURPOSE Consultative Conversations – 16%
  5. Presenting Solutions to Solve a Problem – 15%


Which Strategy will Accelerate your Recovery? Choose Top 2

  1. Changing your Mindset – 42%
  2. Goals – to get you excited & committed – 30%
  3. Prospecting Virtually – with a 90-Day Prospect Blitz – 39%
  4. Get REALLY good & confident to apply PURPOSE in a virtual platform – 43%
  5. Presenting Proposals to Solve Problems with Next Step Follow-up – 22%


Sale Professional Advice:

To build rapport and trust during a virtual call, it begins with your mindset, turning on your camera and asking your customer to turn on your camera (all you have to do is ask and they will – it works be for me about 98% of the time) and the apply the PURPOSE Consultative framework. Download PURPOSE template here.

Sales Leaders Advice:

What is your Sales Leader Mindset – do you want to turn your Sales Road Warriors into Tech Titans?  Your team needs a strong leader and coach to help them embrace the new way of selling and it begins with you, your mindset and the tools you can provide to them to confidently sell virtually.