We don’t want sales goals to become new year’s resolutions that fizzle within a few weeks of the new year.

To achieve your goals this year, you need to be 100% committed to saying yes, and 110% committed to saying no to the DISTRACTIONS.

What will you say NO to?  Here are the Top 7 Distractions to say no to…

1. High Maintenance Customers who take up a lot of your time but give you very little in sales.

To achieve your goals, be proactive and focus your time on your ideal profitable customers.

Download the Ideal Client Analysis to determine your Ideal Profitable Customers. 

2. Not having a weekly plan that will help you achieve your 3-year and 1-year goals.

It’s Friday. How many meetings do you have scheduled for the next week and the next two weeks? 

Download the Weekly Time Blocking Chart to map out your Ideal Week.

3. Traveling for one client meeting

To maximize your travel time, what can you do to schedule at least 1-2 meetings in the area?  I live over an hour outside of the Toronto area and I do my best to schedule multiple meetings when I travel to a city. Clients and prospects are willing to see you when you are traveling from out of town, and are in their area.

4. Giving your best price quote?

Stop – don’t just send a quick quote or price. Schedule a conversation to better understand your clients’ needs and even more so their goals, outcome and business.

Stop – don’t just send a quick quote or price. Schedule a conversation to better understand your clients' needs and even more so their goals, outcome & business. #Sales #Leadership #Business #Success Click To Tweet

This way, you will be able to provide clients with a purposeful conversation and a 3-Option Solutions Proposal. This will turn the conversation away from price and allow you to focus more on their business.

Download the Option Proposal Template to help develop a stronger proposal solution.

5. Monthly Sales Targets

To be a consultative and brave seller, you must be focused on the bigger picture of your 3-year goals and your 1-year sales goals. Click To Tweet

6. Negative Self-Talk

Your internal dialogue and self-talk will affect your planning.  It’s easy to think, ‘This customer won’t be buying from me,’ or, ‘My price is too high,’ or, ‘They won’t like my solutions better than my competitors’ solutions.’ Say no to negative self-talk in order to improve your business outcomes.

7. Excuses

There is no shortage of excuses you can make as to why you can’t achieve your goals. The economy, the customer not returning your calls/emails, a competitor having a better price. Identify the obstacles, then create strategies to overcome these obstacles in order to stay on course and achieve this year’s goals.