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Self-Talk – The Most Important Conversation in Sales

What’s the most important conversation we have in sales? It’s the one we have before we even speak with our customer – our self-talk – because the tone of our internal monologue can determine whether we make that sale or not. Good self-talk helps us stay positive and responsive with our

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Turn it Off – and Take Back Your Holidays 

Summer’s calling – can you hear it? Probably not, if you’re on the phone or clicking through your inbox. Everyone needs to take holidays to hit “refresh” on their work lives and relax, but that comes harder for some of us than others – and those of us in sales

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Emails that Result in Meetings

In our recent webinar called Cracking The Buyers’ Code: Having Purposeful Business Conversations With Buyers, buyers agreed that sellers do not write emails that result in meetings, yet email was the number one way to connect with them. We hear from clients all the time that buyers are not responding to their emails. 

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Disciplines & Distractions: 3 Simple Disciplines to Overcome Year End Distractions

During the month of December, most sales representatives are too focused on hitting their sales goals for the year. To do this, many reps often apply more transactional selling to get the job done, as a short-term solution with little emphasis on customer needs. I feel that December is an

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Disciplines & Distractions: What’s Getting in Your Way of a Productive Sales Day & Year?

Every salesperson and sales leader have an overflowing platter of things to do: goals to achieve by the end of the year, new customers to find, managing back-orders, troubleshooting problems, and the list continues. There is certainly no shortage of things to do in a day. In the past few

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