Our open training programs are offered to sales professionals, great for your new hires.

In addition, we offer corporate training solutions that can be customized to the needs of your team.


Insights and Advice to Effectively Grow your Prospecting Pipeline

We are hosting complimentary virtual sessions for Sales Leaders & Teams. Each month the topic will be different as we focus on how to Strategize – Stimulate – and Sell through COVID-19 and to catapult sales on the other side of this. We are all in this together, so invite your other Sales cohorts to join us!

Sessions currently available until July, 2021 

Purposeful Sales Strategies

This program is open to all sales professionals and is offered in two different formats, as well as both French and English facilitation.

Option 1 – Classroom Sales Training: includes 2-day classroom training, 6 monthly sales performance group training calls, sales playbook & Practicum.

Option 2 – Virtual Sales Training: includes 13 weekly sales performance group training calls, 1:1 coaching, Teneo Training Centre access, sales playbook & Practicum.

Training available onsite for corporate teams.

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January 25, 2021 – Virtual Open Program


Road Warriors to Tech Titans Program

This virtual training program will enable your team of Road Warriors who are accustom to having F2F meetings, to become Tech Titans who sell just as effectively, virtually!


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January 12, 2021

Sales Leadership Program – “Leading Sale Success”

This program is right for Sales Leaders who are focused on significant business growth, interested in learning from other sales leaders and are willing to make changes to grow their business and strengthen their sales talent.

This 6-month virtual program includes weekly, then bi-weekly Strategy Sessions, 1:1 coaching, and Mastermind Networking Sessions with other Sales Leader cohorts.

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Launching January 2021

Evolve Sales Leaders Think Tank

Sales Leader’s IMPACT

This event is currently on pause. We’re being optimistic that we’ll be able to host a modified version of Evolve in 2021, so stay tuned!

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Date to be rescheduled