Sales Training: Help Your Team Achieve Sales Excellency

PHASE 2: Integrate the Professional Selling principles
and create regular habits

During each of the phases we go through 5 stages:

> 1. assess      > 2. advocate     > 3. advance     > 4. apply     > 5. accountability

Sales Training

Certified Sales Professional (CSP) Designation

For: Sales professionals with a minimum of 2 years experience, who have taken professional selling or strategic account management and who want the next level of learning and certification.


  • Training is enforced with a measurable skill and knowledge benchmark.
  • Increased credibility of sales people with peers and clients.
  • Shown commitment to ethical, consultative sales practices and fostering client relationships.

Delivery: Completion of a written and oral exam that tests knowledge, application, and a candidate’s ability to follow the consultative sales process.

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Customer Experience and Culture Training

Customer Conversations

For: Anyone customer facing, from customer service, technicians, to inside sales teams.

Outcome: a more professional and attentive manner of interacting with customers by:

  • Understanding customer service best practices.
  • Using the 4A customer conversation model and its application to uncover growth opportunities.
  • Using cross-organizational collaboration.
  • Diffusing difficult customer conversations to gain their loyalty.

Delivery: As a 2-day or 4 half days program.

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