Managers Coaching Performance Program  

Transition your managers into confident leaders and coaches who empower their team by asking, not telling to solve problems. This creates a stronger culture of trust, accountability and empowerment to increase performance

This proven program enables your managers to:

  • Transition from role of manager to coach, enabling you to effectively coach team members to perform more effectively and efficiently. 
  • Create a coaching culture that results in greater trust, growth and accountability. 
  • Get better at coaching 1:1 conversations (both formally & informally) with increased accountability.

Our proven virtual format works:

  • Each session – 90 minutes (Zoom with webcam) over the span 10 weeks
  • Expectations for each call – be prepared to share your thoughts, ideas and challenges when it comes to coaching your team.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice your coaching conversations & habits in between the sessions

Give your managers the coaching skills they need to navigate challenging situation and empower their team to perform at the highest caliber.

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