Sales Training: Help Your Team Achieve Sales Excellency

PHASE 3: Master your customers buying cycle and your sales cycle

During each of the phases we go through 5 stages:

> 1. assess      > 2. advocate     > 3. advance     > 4. apply     > 5. accountability

Sales Training

Strategic Account Management

For: Ideal for sales professionals that want to further penetrate key accounts, develop long-lasting client partnerships and create more strategic territory plans for better prospecting.


  • Evolve to become an indispensable strategic partner to your clients.
  • Reduce competitive threats and strengthen client retention.
  • Gain clear expectations of the multiple roles you play as a key account representative and
    define what it takes to be successful.
  • Maximize the return generated from every minute you invest in managing your accounts.
  • Develop realistic and achievable goals and forecasts that support your territory planning.
  • Conduct detailed market and industry analyses, leveraging five separate criteria and
    additional tools.
  • Use a matrix rating system to categorize potential accounts and prospect more effectively.
  • Build a winning territory plan, with specific strategies and timelines to keep you on track.
  • Build a detailed account profile of one of your key accounts.
  • Conduct an analysis of your current accounts to discover how to implement positive change and increase profit margins.

Delivery: This program can be delivered to your team as a 2-day program, with follow-up 1 to 3 group – coaching sessions. Customized for your team & your clients by creating a Strategic Account Plan for 1 to 3 key clients.

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Customer Experience and Culture Training

Customer Conversations

For: Anyone customer facing, from customer service, technicians, to inside sales teams.

Outcome: a more professional and attentive manner of interacting with customers by:

  • Understanding customer service best practices.
  • Using the 4A customer conversation model and its application to uncover growth opportunities.
  • Using cross-organizational collaboration.
  • Diffusing difficult customer conversations to gain their loyalty.

Delivery: As a 2-day or 4 half days program.

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