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Road Warriors to Tech Titans Virtually Selling Training Program

Transition your sales team to Turning their Driving Territory into a Tech Driven Sales Performance Plan, by effectively selling virtually to grow business in 2020

This virtually training program will enable your team to upskill to sell virtually as well as F2F:

  • Turn your driving territory into a strategic, purposeful plan with a productive ideal week
  • Turning product/price visits to virtual PURPOSE consultative framework for meetings, demos, product presentation, Lunch n’Learns to effectively sell
  • Learn & practice on different virtual platforms to be confident
  • It’s a mindset – evaluating your self-talk to become a Tech Titan Advisor
  • Evaluating your goals, strategies with your ideal virtual week to grow your business
  • Ask better business questions to present a proposal with solutions customized to solve their problem or improve their business
  • Using Video Coaching Tool to evaluate your customer conversations, with option for Managers/Teneo Trainer to provide feedback to improve virtual consultative selling skills

Virtual Training Format

  • Each session is 90 minutes, interactive with polls, break-out rooms to practice and gain confidence using virtual platform
  • Teneo uses Zoom for virtual training sessions
  • We would use at least one different platform or your preferred platform to help your team gain confidence with other virtual platforms
  • Each session will have actionable assignment to apply with customers and provide update in next session to get better, improve sales results and increase confidence
  • Choose between 3, 6 or 12 session program

    Road Warrior to Tech Titan Topics include:

    • Mindset – Turning your Driving Territory into Tech Driven Performance Plan
    • Why Change – how will your team and customers adapt
    • Re-forecasting Sales and Strategies to grow business in 2020
    • Mapping out new virtual sales process aligned with customer’s buying process
    • Creating your Ideal Week to Maximize Productivity, ROTI & Technology
    • Creating Key Account Plans for Customers/Distributors/Vendors to grow business
    • Reason to Meet –creating customized video to send via email compelling reason to meet via video platform
    • PURPOSE Consultative Conversation – practicing via video platform
    • Product Demo’s/Lunch n’ Learn via virtual platform
    • Active Listening & Asking Better Questions about Impact of COVID on their business
    • Presenting Proposals with stronger ROI to validate business expenditure via video platform
    • Follow-up Conversations/Calls using virtual platforms to secure the sale

    Next Step

    To have a virtual conversation giving your team the confidence to sell virtually, let’s set up a virtual meeting, contact lisa@teneoresults.com