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“Lisa Leitch is a fireball! She provides an energetic, sales program that is customized to our industry with a message the drives results yet comes from the heart. She consistently receives the highest ratings at our conferences. She is versatile, innovative in her program content with a delivery style that is always fresh and entertaining. I highly recommend Lisa!”
Natalie Towns

Former Director of Education, The ASI Show

“The most valuable part about working with Teneo is how they can read a room of salespeople and adjust their content to fit the needs on the spot! We definitely felt that we got our money’s worth and I would …and have – certainly recommend your services to anyone!”
Nick Thompson

President, Brand Alliance

“Eastgen’s Sales Team has invested in the Professional Selling Program with CSP Professional Sales Designation. Eastgen’s Sales Team was also able to further develop our team to focus on maximizing their return on time invested (ROTI) through a custom designed workshop with Teneo, resulting in each sales person making room in their busy schedules to facilitate 100 new customer consultations and proposals to increase business. This resulted in steady growth through the year, and the best December sales month ever!”
Adam Weaver, CSP

Director of Sales, Eastgen

“Sunstar’s Canadian Sales Team has achieved sales quota results 4 years in a row. CSP Professional Sales Designations gave our team the confidence to be the best in the industry and go back to accounts to earn more business. Each year, we continue to invest in our team at our annual sales conference to build on this consultative training – our sales team has strengthened their consultative conversation with the dental practices moving the conversation away from price to better business conversations allowing us to grow the business in a tough competitive market.”
Francine Gagnon, CSP

Director, Employee Development and Training, Sunstar

“Bosch Power Tools invested in their Sales Team with CSP Professional Sales Designation, and it is now mandated with the Bosch Power Tools sales team. We provide the competency and process to our people and hold our Sales Managers Accountable to building Sales competency.”
John Scinocca, CSP

Vice President General Manager, Bosch Power Tools

“Two years ago, the market was tough, and our orders were down 28%. After working with Teneo Results and taking Professional Selling and Designation, and on-going advanced coaching, orders increased by 45%! The team has transformed from skeptics to being on fire and their confidence is high as they apply with pro-active business conversations.”
Vince Travaglini, CSP

CEO, StackTeck Systems Ltd.

“Teneo has been an excellent asset to our team; effectively coaching sales process, strategy and negotiations. Teneo’s participation with both the leadership and sales team has had a direct impact on our sales growth year over year. The trainers have an exceptional ability to quickly gain the trust of the team and help them feel open to trying new concepts and challenge their way of thinking. Teneo is highly respected amongst my team and our business and we have continued to recommend her services to our clients, buying group and partners.”
Shannon Hall, CSP, CSL

Vice President, Sales, Dustbane Products Ltd.

“Bosch Rexroth invested in their Management and Technical Sales Consultant Team with the Professional Selling Program, ongoing coaching and CSP designation. The Professional Selling approach, tools and strategies supported the team’s commitment to grow market share and to prepare for future profitable growth. CSP Professional Sales Designation is now our Standard and mandated within the technical sales team, as a new level of business excellence.”
Olivier Welker, CSP

Sales Director, Bosch Rexroth

The strength of the team at Teneo is in their efforts to understand the Pro Builders’ business model. In addition, they do a great job of understanding the skill set of the sales team and bring together an engaging training process to address the needs of our team and business. Teneo’s training has helped turn skeptics into enthusiastic staff that are excited to work towards achieving their sales goals. Teneo has improved the caliber of my sales team and the result over these years has been increased customer satisfaction, sales and margin.
Paul McCann

President, Pro Builders Supply Ltd., Home Hardware

“We are seeing a shift in every branch. The key phrases and tools introduced in the training are now common language in the company and materializing as benchmarks in our performance reviews and CRM.”
Julie Wong

Director Human Resources, CanWel Building Materials

“We engaged Teneo Results to lead our United States & International Sales managers in the Sales Coaching For Success clinic. We were so pleased that we rebooked within one week. One of the great results of the original session is the connection Lisa made with our team. She gained instant credibility by using our industry specific language that was gained through ride along with various sales reps. One of the great benefits of this sales training was developing a structured sales process that we can talk about in the same language globally. Additionally, completing CSP designation holds the team to a higher standard. The endless energy, professionalism, and a sense of someone who will really cares are just a few of the reasons why Teneo is such a pleasure to work with.”
Brad Adams

Global Training Manager, Semex Alliance

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