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Sales Coaching for Success

Sales Coaching is a powerful tool to motivate and better engage your team with our formal collaborative coaching framework that gets results.

Ideal for team leads, sales managers, sales directors and VPs of sales who want to drive and support the success of each individual team member with collaborative coaching methods.

Become a stronger leader and coach by:

  • Understanding when to coach and when to manage.
  • Differentiating between coaching conversations and performance appraisals.
  • Navigating the pitfalls that turn coaching calls into sales calls.
  • Successfully applying the right type of coaching call for different situations.
  • Asking the right questions that engage your team to turn problems into solutions.
  • Learning the powerful PACE Coaching Conversation Framework.
  • Using our Performance Matrix know where to spend your coaching time.
  • Developing the talent and potential of your sales team.

Course Delivery

This program can be delivered to your Sales Management Team as a:

  • 2 day program with 2 follow-up group coaching sessions.
  • Expanded to 1 day per quarter for ultimate results with monthly group coaching sessions.

A minimum of 6 participants are required for corporate team.


“Teneo was OUTSTANDING – they had enough of the Semex speak down to ensure that the audience never tuned out. It was clear they had done their homework and invested in ‘us’ enough to earn the ear of our sales managers. They also allowed the managers time to go down a foxhole or two to figure things out for themselves, by applying the PACE Coaching Conversation. We learned to coach our reps on what are the solutions, rather than solving their problems. Highly recommend this program to develop the coaching and leadership skills of sales managers.”
Adam Weaver , Director of Sales, Eastgen

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