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Consultative Sales

8-Step Consultative Selling – Do I really have to do all 8-Steps?

This program builds on the CPSA Professional Selling Program. It gives sales pros an opportunity to take the consultative sales process to the next level and practice with a real customer scenario.

Each step in the consultative process holds value in creating a natural sales conversation that builds confidence, trust, and results. In this session, participants will learn the importance of following all 8 steps of the consultative selling process and how to apply them with real customers.

Your team will leave this session with the importance of and the ability to apply each of the 8 Steps, and will have practiced with one of your customer scenarios.

Strategies You’ll Learn

  • Understanding the importance of following the 8 Step Consultative Selling Process.
  • Review of CPSA’s 8 Steps of Consultative Selling Process.
  • Purpose and length of time of each step in the sales process.
  • Good Questions vs. Great Questions and how to apply in the process.
  • List of questions customized for your clients and industry.
  • Demonstrating ROI to justify purchase for your client.
  • Identify a customer to put the 8 Steps in to practice with a real client selling scenario.

Course Delivery

This course can be delivered as a 3 hour or full day workshop, or as a series of half day workshops with follow-up group coaching calls.

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