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Cracking the Client Code

Decision makers have become experts at avoiding sales people, making getting meetings with them almost impossible. This workshop provides salespeople prospecting strategies that help them be more effective and get more qualified meetings.

Strategies You’ll Learn

  • Targeted prospecting: Learn to identify and focus on your ideal profitable prospects and customers instead of wasting time calling everyone.
  • Sales and marketing alignment: Discover how you can use the power of marketing to warm up your cold calls.
  • Sales messaging: Find out what to say on a call that gets prospects’ attention – and what not to say.
  • Social media: Get tips on how to use social media to effectively use your connections to help assist in getting meetings with decision makers.
  • Best days to prospect: Learn the secret on the best day and time to prospect and grow your business.

Course Delivery

This course can be delivered as a 3 hour or full day workshop, or as a series of half day workshops with follow-up group coaching calls.

A minimum of 10 participants are required.

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