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Sales Productivity

Emails, CRM, meetings, proposals, phone calls, etc. – in today’s ultra-fast paced world, it’s impossible to get it all done. In this session, you’ll discover how to effectively manage your time so you can focus on tasks that are closest to the revenue line.

As a sales professional, you’ve heard it many times – Time is Money. They have not invented the 25-hour day and you can’t work any more hours to get caught up and achieve your sales targets. In this session, you’ll learn how to avoid the biggest mistake that salespeople are making in today’s fast-paced, frantic and highly stressful sales environment.

Strategies You’ll Learn

  • Discover your top 3 best time management/productivity habits.
  • Identify key selling time in your day with your customers and prospects.
  • Return on Time Invested.
  • Decision Makers/Influencers – who do you meet with and when are they available.
  • Pre-Call Planning – in just 10 minutes, what you can do to research/prepare for a productive sales call.
  • Time Blocking Chart – each rep will map out their ideal week – with their sales, admin, and personal tasks.
  • What will you say YES to in your day and what will you say NO to in your day for the next 90 days to maximize your time?

Course Delivery

This course can be delivered as a 3 hour or full day workshop, or as a series of half day workshops with follow-up group coaching calls.

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