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Sales Training: Help Your Team Achieve Sales Supremacy

At Teneo we don’t deliver your typical 3-hour or 3-day training program. With our Sales Supremacy System, we work with sales teams, their leaders, and the rest of their company for 3 months to 3 years.

During this time we’ll walk you through our three phase system to know, integrate, and master the consultative selling process. Phases are designed with different objectives in mind and are a natural progression to ensure complete company cross functionality. We’ll help you move from product conversations to business conversations, and finally to partnership conversations.


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Sales Leadership Training and Coaching

Sales Coaching for Success

Phase 1

Sales Leaders looking to drive and support each of their team members with collaborative coaching methods. New and experienced sales managers/directors, business owners and entrepreneurs and anyone in a leadership role.

Become a stronger leader and coach by:

  • Understanding when to coach and when to manage.
  • Differentiating between coaching conversations and performance appraisals.
  • Navigating the pitfalls that turn coaching calls into sales calls.
  • Successfully applying the right type of coaching call for different situations.
  • Asking the right questions that engage your team to turn problems into solutions.
  • Learning the powerful PACE Coaching Conversation Framework.
  • Using our Performance Matrix to understand where to spend your coaching time.
  • Developing the talent and potential of your sales team.
This program can be delivered to your sales management team as a 2- day program with 2 follow-up group-coaching sessions. It can be expanded to 1 day per quarter for ultimate results, with monthly group coaching sessions. A minimum of 6 participants are required for corporate teams.
For sales team leaders, managers, directors, and VPs. Drive and support your team with collaborative coaching methods.

Sales Training

Professional Selling

Phase 1

Account managers and sales professionals of any experience level. Business owners and entrepreneurs, sales managers, CSP candidates.
Understand customer buying processes and how to gain competitive advantage.
A 2-day program with 3 to 6 follow-up group coaching sessions or a 3 day program with 1 follow-up group coaching session. 6 half-day sessions.
Ideal for teams with 10 months to 10 plus years of sales experience who want to better understand their customers’ demanding buying process. Including how to be more strategic, consultative, and professional in gaining a competitive advantage in a tough marketplace.
Learn to engage with different personality types using the psychology of influence. Develop self-awareness, maintain optimism, and manage stress with proven takeaway self-talk strategies. Set and achieve personal and professional goals with a formalized closed-loop system. Implement more strategic, profitable, and achievable territory plans. Effectively identify the client-side decision-making groups and processes. Increase client retention with tailored and structured account plans. Differentiate yourself from competitors with a Unique Value Proposition. Maximize your sales productivity with our ROTI (Return on Time Invested) Formula. Shorten the decision-making process by preparing business cases that focus on financial gains and ROI. Apply the 8-Step Consultative Conversation framework to stop selling products and start having purposeful business conversations.

Certified Sales Professional (CSP) Designation

Phase 2

Sales professionals with a minimum of 2 years experience, who have taken professional selling or strategic account management and who want the next level of learning and certification.
Training is enforced with a measurable skill and knowledge benchmark. Increased credibility of sales people with peers and clients.
Shown commitment to ethical, consultative sales practices and fostering client relationships.
Completion of a written and oral exam that tests knowledge, application, and a candidate’s ability to follow the consultative sales process.
Teneo Results is one of six strategic partners with the CPSA Sales Institute offering the only recognized sales designation in North America. The CSP designation validates learning and is the mark of competent, ethical, and consultative sales professionals.

  • 86% of CSPs gained a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • 72% of CSPs rank in the top 25% of sales within their organizations.
  • The majority of CSPs surpass annual sales quotas.

A CSP is a highly knowledgeable sales professional who has demonstrated and met the standards for experience, knowledge, attitude and skills set by the CPSA Sales Institute. Employers are assured that you have solid selling skills and customers know that you meet a set of rigorous standards for excellence.

As a CSP, you are identified as a highly knowledgeable sales professional who has demonstrated and met the standards for experience, knowledge, attitude and skills set by the CPSA Sales Institute. Employers know that you have solid selling skills and customers know that you meet rigorous standards for excellence. You are committed to personal career development and lifelong learning.

Strategic Account Management

Phase 3

Ideal for sales professionals that want to further penetrate key accounts, develop long-lasting client partnerships and create more strategic territory plans for better prospecting.
  • Evolve to become an indispensable strategic partner to your clients.
  • Reduce competitive threats and strengthen client retention.
  • Gain clear expectations of the multiple roles you play as a key account representative and
    define what it takes to be successful.
  • Maximize the return generated from every minute you invest in managing your accounts.
  • Develop realistic and achievable goals and forecasts that support your territory planning.
  • Conduct detailed market and industry analyses, leveraging five separate criteria and
    additional tools.
  • Use a matrix rating system to categorize potential accounts and prospect more effectively.
  • Build a winning territory plan, with specific strategies and timelines to keep you on track.
  • Build a detailed account profile of one of your key accounts.
  • Conduct an analysis of your current accounts to discover how to implement positive change and increase profit margins.
This program can be delivered to your team as a 2-day program, with follow-up 1t o 3 group – coaching sessions. Customized for your team & your clients by creating a Strategic Account Plan for 1 to 3 key clients.

Maximize revenue potential by taking a more strategic approach to account and territory management

Customer Experience and Culture Training

Customer Conversations

Phase 1   |   Phase 2   |  Phase 3

This course is for anyone customer facing, from customer service, technicians, to inside sales teams.

You will learn how to: Understand customer service best practices; Show a caring attitude; Be proactive; Be knowledgeable; Make it easy and build relationships,


  • Personality styles of you, your colleagues, and your customers.
  • The 4A customer conversation model and its application in meaningful conversations to uncover growth opportunities.
  • Cross-organizational collaboration:  working with other departments in order to create a consistent customer experience and maximize every customer interaction.
  • Effective phone and email conversation skills.
  • Diffusing difficult customer conversations to gain their loyalty.
Key principles in customer service will be introduced and practiced throughout the 2-day or half days program.
All customer-facing teams will benefit from our “Customer Conversations” Program. Aligned with the consultative principles of the Professional Selling program, we will help you become consistently more professional and proactive in your approach to serving customers and building long-term relationships.
Teams undergoing this training will leave with a more professional and attentive manner of interacting with customers.
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