Get More Conversations with More Prospects — More Often  

Want to improve your team’s prospecting results? Tips and scripts will only get them so far. To truly boost their ability to reach and engage new prospects, they need a purposeful approach. One that’s proven to work in today’s noisy and ever-changing marketplace.

Prospecting Power gives them that.

Aligned with our purposeful selling model, this training program teaches your team how to:

  • Find ideal clients
  • Identify their most pressing challenges, needs and goals
  • Reach prospects in a way that breaks through and gets the conversation started

…both virtually & face-to-face.

See Results In 90 Days

Unlike other programs that merely teach tips, Prospecting Power is an interactive “deep dive” focused on results. We work with your team for three months or more, providing them with assessments, customized instruction, proven best practices, coaching and motivation.

In addition, we facilitate a 90-Day Prospecting Blitz that ignites their excitement in implementing the new strategies. Often, the results seen during this period — new prospects, more conversations, increases sales, etc. — are spectacular.

A Pleasure to Work With

One of the great benefits of this sales training was developing a structured sales process that we can talk about in the same language globally. The endless energy, professionalism, and a sense of working with people who really care are just a few of the reasons why Teneo is such a pleasure to work with.”

Brad Adams
Global Training Manager, Semex Alliance

Two Convenient Formats

As with all our programs, we work with your team long-term to teach strategies and coach for results.

Option 1: One day interactive workshop, plus pre-work and bi-weekly coaching calls, plus a 90-day “let’s get results” prospecting blitz.

Option 2: Twelve, 90-minute virtual group coaching calls over the span of the 90-day prospecting blitz. This includes pre-work & optional 1:1 coaching.

Equip Your Team With the Prospecting Power to Land More Customers

Just imagine how many new opportunities you’ll see in the pipeline when your team is reaching and meeting more prospects — and doing so with savvy and confidence.

After completing Prospecting Power, each sales rep will:

  • Have a SMART goal-based prospecting action plan aligned to your company’s objectives.
  • Know how your products/services stand in the marketplace, so they can see the obstacles and opportunities clearly.
  • Use client personas, so they can identify and reach the best prospects — faster.
  • Leverage market research to guide prospect conversations, so the sales process moves quickly and surely towards a sale.
  • Have a personal Unique Value Proposition statement that competitively positions them in the market.
  • Be able to eliminate negative self-talk, so they can prospect confidently without hesitation or procrastination.
  • Have an in-depth prospecting process including qualification questions specific to your company.
  • Know how to make intelligent recommendations to prospects, greatly increasing the likelihood of a sale.
  • Use the right sales technology tools and social media platforms to further boost prospecting outcomes.
  • Participate in a 90-Day Prospecting Blitz that rapidly builds confidence and cultivates at least three new prospects.