Sales Designations

Teneo Results is an accredited partner of the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) and offers accredited sales training and coaching programs that successfully meet the new sales competency standards set by CPSA. These standards are the foundation of CPSA’s exciting three-tier professional sales designation pathway to achieving your CSA, CSP and CSL Designations.

Certified Sales Associates (CSA)

demonstrate a solid foundation for success in their first sales roles.

Our accredited program:

Certified Sales Professionals (CSP)

set the gold standard in the industry, representing at least 4 years of experience in sales and a deep commitment to the highest levels of sales excellence on large, strategic accounts.

Certified Sales Leaders (CSL)

are top sales leaders and executives who are committed to developing themselves and their teams and positioned to take their entire organization to the next level.

CPSA states:

“CPSA Institute Accredited Partners are industry leaders who deliver top-notch, results-driven information and insights that will position you to succeed, now and in the future. Our independent stamp of approval is assurance that you’re getting rigorous, standards-based training that will help you develop the skills and knowledge essential to excel in a complex, competitive marketplace.”

Teneo is the Latin word meaning to know, understand and master

We know that successfully completing a sales designation is more than just writing a test. It is about coming together as a sales team to learn the concepts and tools needed to align your thinking as sales professionals and effectively grow sales.
Through our rigorous training, you’ll understand the importance of the competencies and integration of the sales tools and processes, so that you are connecting the dots between your sales skills and how to best serve your customers.
We help you reach the triumphant moment when you have mastered the professional sales competencies by completing the gold standard in sales – your Professional Sales Designation with CPSA.

Vince Travaglini, CEO at StackTeck shares the importance of achieving sales designations for his team.

Vince Travaglini, CEO at StackTeck speaks to the turnaround for his sales team, “Teneo took a skeptical, seasoned team that didn’t think they needed sales training and professional sales designations through an interactive and practical training & coaching process to everybody high-fiving that they passed their sales designation, a year later. We went from 28% downturn to increasing sales over 42% and achieving sales targets 24 months in a row. Teneo helped us to believe in ourselves, again!”

Let’s work together to grow our profession and raise the bar of sales excellence.

Let’s be bold. Let’s be brave. It’s time.

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