Purposeful Business Conversations

(For Experienced Sales Professionals)

Grow Key Customers by Transitioning Your Sales Professionals Into True Partners & Solution Consultants

Your team members with 4+ years experience have unique challenges. It’s all-to-easy for them to coast on past successes, rely too heavily on visits to current customers, or slip back into out-dated sales habits.

Purposeful Business Conversations solves that problem. It enables your experienced team members to up their game in the following areas:

  • Transition from a sales professional to a trusted business advisors.
  • Build a more profitable sales territory by creating specialized business plans for key accounts.
  • Conduct more productive meetings that uncover core customer needs and take the relationship to a long-term partnership level.

Teneo Training Directly Impacts Sales Growth

“Teneo’s participation with both the leadership and sales team has had a direct impact on our sales growth year over year… The trainers have an exceptional ability to quickly gain the trust of the team and help them feel open to trying new concepts and challenge their way of thinking.”

Shannon Hall, CSP, CSL
VP, Sales, Dustbane Products Ltd.

Boost in Sales Team Motivation and Skillsets

“Teneo’s training has helped turn skeptics into enthusiastic staff that are excited to work towards achieving their sales goals. Teneo has improved the caliber of my sales team and the result over these years has been increased customer satisfaction, sales and margin.

Paul McCann
President, Pro Builders Supply Ltd., Home Hardware

Advanced Strategies for Modern Selling

Imagine your experienced reps having the advanced skills and strategies that make them the best in your market. Consider the impact that would have on sales growth!

Purposeful Business Conversations is like an MBA in selling. By completing this training and coaching program, your experienced reps will be masters at the key conversations that turn prospects into customers and customers into partners.

More than a mere workshop, this advanced-level training includes:

  • Two-day interactive classroom training.
  • Six months of live group coaching calls to put strategies and tools into practice with customers.

Catapult the Performance of Your Experienced Sales Team Members

Maybe your experienced reps are doing okay. But could they be doing better? Could they be uncovering more and bigger opportunities? Growing more key accounts? Closing more sales? Chances are—yes.

Upon completing Purposeful Business Conversations, your team will:

  • Move up the Value Pyramid from sales representative to Business Partner.
  • Be able to identify the most profitable types of customers and grow these into key partnerships.
  • Build on existing knowledge of territory and sales planning to create a Territory Business Plan based on customer portfolio, market and competitive analysis, including KPIs.
  • Create a Key Account Business Strategy for an existing customer that identifies specific business goals and action plan for growing the account.
  • Apply the PURPOSE Conversation Model to identify the difference between a product sales conversation and a business conversation in each stage of the framework, along with a stronger list of business questions to ask.
  • Create 3-Option Proposals with business ROI to demonstrate how your solutions will improve the customer’s business and KPIs.
  • Conduct more effective business review meetings and client and industry interviews to gain business insights that let you provide more value, and move you from preferred vendor to partnership relationships.

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