Leading Sales Success

“Leading Sales Success” 

Growing business. Growing teams.

  • Transform your sales talent and team culture to grow business significantly.
  • Limit the distractions that inhibit your productivity as a sales leader.
  • Surround yourself with a cohort of sales leaders to share best practices.
  • Effectively implement changes that improve your leadership ability.
  • Understand how to create and contribute to a culture of trust.

This program is right for Sales Leaders who are:

  • Focused on significant business growth.
  • Interested in learning from other sales leaders.
  • Willing to make changes (big and small) to grow your business and strengthen your sales talent.

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March 28-29 2023 – Live in the GTA 

Program Format: 5 strategy days in 10 months

  • Begins with 2-day Strategy Session with your Sales Leader Cohorts
  • 3 Additional strategy days – one each quarter
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls for additional accountability
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Sales Mastermind Networking Dinner

You’ll declare what you want to change, then create your strategy and action plan

Celebrate your failures and wins – as you get off the hamster wheel!

Learn More about the Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes:

  1. SELF-AWARENESS: Create self-awareness of yourself as a sales leader and gain clarity of how you want to develop your leadership abilities and then your team’s abilities.
  2. SIGNIFICANT GROWTH STRATEGY: Refine your strategic direction by identifying 3-year sales goals, the strategies to achieve them, along with the key performance indicators that are needed to create business rhythm to monitor progress.
  3. SALES PRODUCTIVITY: Develop habits for managing your time, that enables you to proactively implement sales strategies, focus on highest priorities and limit distractions.
  4. SALES TALENT DEVELOPMENT: Develop a strategy to upskill the talent of your team and your
    up-and-coming farm team to maximize sales growth.
  5. PERFORMANCE COACHING: Improve the sales performance of individual team members through formal and informal coaching opportunities.

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