Program Description: 

Leaders will learn to create a more successful sales culture with bigger wins and greater accountability.

  • Discover new tools that drive high performance.
  • Gain powerful coaching strategies to motivate your team.
  • Lead your team from good to great.

This program is right for…

Sales managers and leaders looking to coach their teams to a higher level of sales performance, even if the team members are complacent or resistant to change.

Blended Learning Format:

Two-day program with three to twelve follow-up group-coaching sessions; can be expanded to one day per quarter for ultimate results, with monthly group coaching sessions.

Learn More about the Program Outcomes

Outcome: Become a stronger leader and coach by learning to…

  1. Understand when to coach and when to manage.
  2. Navigate the pitfalls that turn coaching calls into sales calls.
  3. Ask the right questions to help your team turn problems into solutions.
  4. Develop the talent and potential of your sales team to create a stronger winning sales culture.
  5. Use the powerful PACE Coaching Conversation Framework.
  6. Create an environment that fosters positive behaviour and performance.
  7. Tap into the individual motivators of each one of your reps.
  8. Define clear expectations that provide your reps with a roadmap to success.
  9. Identify what reps would benefit most from your coaching time to maximize your ROI.
  10. Understand development as a key component of the talent management process, and the principles behind it.
  11. Differentiate between coaching conversations and performance appraisals.
  12. Successfully apply the right type of coaching call for different situations.
  13. Conduct structured coaching conversations that result in collaborative go-forward commitments and lead into new coaching accountability.