Empower Your Team with Skills Guaranteed to Boost Sales Results  

When you’re busy managing sales, it’s hard to find the time to train your team. As a result, everyone does their own thing – or worse; shares poor practices with others.

The good news is, you can boost sales significantly by giving your sales team the proven process and tools they need to:

  • Identify and start more conversations with ideal prospects.
  • Go beyond product/price-talk to having PURPOSE business conversations.
  • Close more sales more often.

It’s tough to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Purposeful Sales Strategies gives your team the edge to win more customers—consistently.

Steady Sales Growth Throughout the Year

Teneo’s training resulted in “…each salesperson making room in their busy schedules to facilitate 100 new customer consultations and proposals to increase business. This resulted in steady growth through the year, and the best December sales month ever!”

Adam Weaver, CSP
Director of Sales, Eastgen

Get Everyone Selling with Purpose

Purposeful Sales Strategies is interactive training that teaches your team a sales methodology that works. In addition, we guide them in the techniques and mindset they need to build sales—rapidly and consistently. In fact, our clients often see measurable results in just three months, which build during the next 3-6 months.

Sales Quotas Surpassed, Without Sacrificing Family or Fun 

“Working with Teneo has completely changed my business in the last 3 years. I was struggling to hit $300,000 in sales. This year, I’m am thrilled to say that we hit over $1,000,000 in sales with healthy margins and without sacrificing my family or fun! Teneo has been the key to my success by teaching me to focus on my ideal profitable clients, setting goals and stretching my vision of what I believe is possible.”

Bethany Brevard

Owner, Proforma


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Build a High-Performance Sales Culture — Faster Than You Might Think

This isn’t a one-time workshop. Unlike most other sales training firms, we invest in your team – working with them from three months to three years. This deep-dive approach pays off. You not only get a better and more successful team, but also sustainable sales growth quarter after quarter.

This program is open to all sales professionals and is offered in two different formats:

Classroom Sales Training: includes 2-day classroom training, 6 weekly or monthly sales performance group training calls, sales playbook & Practicum.

Virtual Sales Training: includes 13 weekly sales performance group training calls, Teneo Training Centre access, sales playbook & Practicum.

Both in-class and virtual trainings include pre-work to set your team up for success.

Training is available on-site for corporate teams.

Your Team Masters the 5 Conversations of the Sales Cycle

Even the toughest chain won’t pull a thing if just one link is weak – that’s why Purposeful Sales Strategies works with your team to master all five conversations of the sales cycle.

A CPSA Accredited Program

Purposeful Sales Strategies meets the educational requirements to earn the Certified Sales Professional (CSA) designation.

Your Sales Team: More Strategic, Proactive and Brave

What is the key to lasting sales success? A team that has the purposeful process and skills proven to win over more customers. As Purposeful Sales Strategies graduates, your team will:

  • Be proactive (not reactive) and more strategic, with better territory management and client conversations.
  • Have more consultative conversations with prospects and customers that move the sales process forward. (No more getting stuck.)
  • Develop a key account plan with existing customers to have more conversations with the right decision makersand uncover bigger opportunities.
  • Move away from product/price-talk to consultative conversations that truly engage and persuade prospects and customers.
  • Have a clear plan and set of goals that align with your company’s goals, so everyone is on the same path.

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