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Course Description: 

Gain sales skills that guarantee greater results, whether you have 2 months or 20 years of sales experience. This program is formerly known as Professional Selling.

  • Be more strategic, proactive, and brave with your customers.
  • Stand out in the crowded marketplace.
  • Get results by applying proven, purposeful selling strategies.

This program is right for…

Corporate teams of 10+ people who want to build a foundation consisting of common language, tools and processes to grow sales, no matter how much or how little experience they have.

Meets the educational requirements to earn your CSA Designation.

Blended Learning Format:

This interactive training and coaching program consists of pre-work, two-day interactive classroom training, micro-learning interactive video training centre, and six months of live group coaching calls to help you put your new strategies and tools into practice, ending with a final practicum to demonstrate your strategic selling skills.

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Outcome: Be Strategic, Pro-active and Brave to create sales habits to become a high performer

  1. Map out your strategies and apply tools as you work through the 6 Conversations of the Sales Cycle including Self-Talk, Strategy, Reason to Meet, Purposeful Meeting, Presenting Solutions and Secure a Yes!
  2. Be proactive (not reactive) and more strategic with better territory management and client conversations.
  3. Have more purposeful/consultative conversations with clients using the PURPOSE Consultative Conversation framework.
  4. Create a proactive prospecting plan to secure at least one to three new customers in a 90-day prospecting blitz.
  5. Create a key account plan with existing customers that will steer you to the right decision makers and have a PURPOSE conversation to ask better questions that will uncover bigger opportunities to increase sales.
  6. Move away from product and price conversations by learning how to add value with 3-Option Proposals, using the Circle Back Questioning Technique, and applying Negotiation & Follow-up Strategies to secure the sale.
  7. Align with company goals through a clear plan on how to achieve your own sales goals.
  8. Become a proud sales professional by identifying personal brand, characteristics and habits of a successful sales professional.


Course Description:

Learn to use Sales Strategies and Planning that grow your customer’s business while expanding your sales.

  • Transition from a Sales Professional to a Trusted Business Advisor.
  • Learn how to build a more profitable sales territory by creating specialized business plans for your key accounts.
  • Conduct more productive business review meetings and interviews to gain a better perspective on your most demanding customers’ needs, and take your relationship to a long-term partnership level.

This program is right for…

Corporate teams or sales professionals with at least 4+ years of sales experience with a foundational sales training process or training.

Meets the educational requirements to earn your CSP Designation.

Blended Learning Format:

This advanced level class includes two-day interactive classroom training, six months of live group coaching calls to put strategies and tools into practice with customers, and micro-learning interactive video training centre.

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Outcome: Have Strategic Business Planning & Conversations that earn respect and trust from customers, to grow business into long-term contracts & partnerships

  1. Identify characteristics, brand and strategies to elevate your role from sales representative to a trusted business advisor.
  2. Complete an ideal profitable analysis to identify your most profitable types of customers and their personas to grow your business into key partnerships.
  3. Conduct market, industry and competitor research to identify trends and build stronger business strategies that position you as a trusted business advisor.
  4. Build on existing knowledge of territory and sales planning to create a Territory Business Plan based on customer portfolio, market and competitive analysis, including KPIs.
  5. Create a Key Account Business Strategy for an existing customer that identifies specific business goals and action plan for growing the account.
  6. Apply the PURPOSE Conversation Model to identify the difference between a product sales conversation and a business conversation in each stage of the framework, along with a stronger list of business questions to ask.
  7. Create 3-Option Proposals with business ROI to demonstrate how your solutions will improve the customer’s business and KPIs.
  8. Conduct more effective business review meetings and client and industry interviews to gain business insights that let you provide more value, and move you from preferred vendor to partnership relationships.
  9. Strategize on situational business challenges to create stronger win/win partnerships by moving the conversation away from products and price to programs and profitable partnerships.


Course Description: 

Power up your Prospecting with updated strategies that get results.

  • Leverage industry and competitive research to identify your ideal client and what they need.
  • Get meetings with key decision makers.
  • Activate a 90-day prospecting blitz to secure new prospects that will become customers.

This program is right for…

Sales professionals who want more and better prospects and customers to grow their business.

Meets 12 educational PDUs toward earning your CSP Designation.

Blended Learning Format:

One-Day Interactive Workshop, plus pre-work and bi-weekly coaching calls with 90-Day Prospecting Blitz.


Twelve-week group coaching calls with 90-day Prospecting Blitz.

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Outcome: Confidence in Prospecting for sales professionals with proven best practices to secure new customers

  1. Independently investigate and leverage research to properly position yourself in the marketplace and better understand where your products/services stand.
  2. Refine your personal Unique Value Proposition statement to competitively position yourself in the market.
  3. Utilize market research to guide conversations with prospects and better understand client needs.
  4. Provide valuable recommendations and product adaptations to clients based on strengths and weaknesses found in discovery phase.
  5. Determine what motivates your salespeople and develop SMART goal-based prospecting action plans that align to company objectives.
  6. Identify negative self-talk about prospecting and turn it around, to proactively prospect with confidence.
  7. Create client personas and independently generate a list of sources for acquiring prospects.
  8. Establish an in-depth sales prospecting process including qualification questions specific to their organization.
  9. Utilize appropriate sales technology tools and social media platforms to prospect and highlight company resources and content.
  10. Create a documented 90-day plan with completed templates on your Sales Goals aligned with your company goals, Ideal Profitable Analysis and Profile, GotoMarket Strategy, Prospecting Funnel and Prospecting Action Plan to secure prospect meetings and potential business.
  11. Practice prospecting with your three chosen prospects.


Course Description: 

Leaders will learn to create a more successful sales culture with bigger wins and greater accountability.

  • Discover new tools that drive high performance.
  • Gain powerful coaching strategies to motivate your team.
  • Lead your team from good to great.

This program is right for…

Sales managers and leaders looking to coach their teams to a higher level of sales performance, even if the team members are complacent or resistant to change.

Blended Learning Format:

Two-day program with three to twelve follow-up group-coaching sessions; can be expanded to one day per quarter for ultimate results, with monthly group coaching sessions.

Learn More about the Program Outcomes

Outcome: Become a stronger leader and coach by learning to…

  1. Understand when to coach and when to manage.
  2. Navigate the pitfalls that turn coaching calls into sales calls.
  3. Ask the right questions to help your team turn problems into solutions.
  4. Develop the talent and potential of your sales team to create a stronger winning sales culture.
  5. Use the powerful PACE Coaching Conversation Framework.
  6. Create an environment that fosters positive behaviour and performance.
  7. Tap into the individual motivators of each one of your reps.
  8. Define clear expectations that provide your reps with a roadmap to success.
  9. Identify what reps would benefit most from your coaching time to maximize your ROI.
  10. Understand development as a key component of the talent management process, and the principles behind it.
  11. Differentiate between coaching conversations and performance appraisals.
  12. Successfully apply the right type of coaching call for different situations.
  13. Conduct structured coaching conversations that result in collaborative go-forward commitments and lead into new coaching accountability.

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