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Empower Your Team with Skills Guaranteed to Boost Sales Results  

When you’re busy managing sales, you don’t have time to train your team to become better. As a result, everyone does their own thing or, worse, shares poor practices with others.

The good news is, you can boost sales significantly by giving them the proven process and skills they need to:

  • Identify and start more conversations with ideal prospects.
  • Go beyond product/price-talk to having PURPOSE business conversations.
  • Close more sales more often.

That’s what Purposeful Sales Strategies is all about.

Steady Sales Growth Throughout the Year

Teneo’s training resulted in “…each sales person making room in their busy schedules to facilitate 100 new customer consultations and proposals to increase business. This resulted in steady growth through the year, and the best December sales month ever!”

Adam Weaver, CSP
Director of Sales, Eastgen

Get Everyone Selling with Purpose

Purposeful Sales Strategies is interactive training and coaching that teaches your team a sales methodology that works. In addition, we coach them in the techniques and mindset they need to build sales—rapidly and consistently. In fact, our clients often see measurable results in just three months, which build during the next 3-6 months.

Sales Quota Results Achieved 4 Years in a Row

Working with Teneo and the CSP designation program, “…our sales team has strengthened their consultative conversations with the dental practices moving the conversation away from price to better business conversations allowing us to growth the business ina tough competitive market.”

Francine Gagnon, CSP
Director, Employee Development and Training, Sunstar

Build a High-Performance Sales Culture — Faster Than You Might Think

This isn’t a one-time workshop. Unlike most other sales training firms, we invest in your team, working with them from three months to three years. This deep-dive approach pays off. You not only get a better and more successful team but also sustainable sales growth quarter after quarter.

A typical training engagement consists of:

  • Pre-work to prepare your team for success.
  • Two-day interactive classroom training with sales playbook.
  • Micro-learning interactive video training centre.
  • Six months of live group coaching calls to help you put new strategies into practice.
  • A final practicum to demonstrate your team’s new strategic selling skills.


It’s tough standing out in a crowded marketplace these days. That’s where Purposeful Sales Strategies gives your team the edge. They receive the process, tools, and coaching they need to win more customers—consistently.

Your Team Masters the 6 Conversations of the Sales Cycle

Even the toughest chain won’t pull a thing if just one link is weak. That’s why Purposeful Sales Strategies works with your team to master all six conversations of the sales cycle.

A CPSA Accredited Program

Purposeful Sales Strategies meets the educational requirements to earn the Certified Sales Professional (CSA) designation.

Your Sales Team: More Strategic, Proactive and Brave

What is the key to lasting sales success? A team that has the purposeful process and skills proven to win over more customers. As Purposeful Sales Strategies graduates, your team will:

  • Be proactive (not reactive) and more strategic, with better territory management and client conversations.
  • Have more consultative conversations with prospects and customers that move the sales process forward. (No more getting stuck.)
  • Develop a key account plan with existing customers to have more conversations with the right decision makersand uncover bigger opportunities.
  • Move away from product/price-talk to consultative conversations that truly engage and persuade prospects and customers.
  • Have a clear plan and set of goals that align with your company’s goals, so everyone is on the same path.

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Purposeful Business Conversations (For Experienced Reps)

Grow Key Customers by Transitioning Your Reps Into True Partners and Solution Consultants to Those Accounts

Your team members with 4+ years experience have unique challenges. It’s all-to-easy for them to coast on past successes, rely too heavily on visits to current customers, or slip back into out-dated sales habits.

Purposeful Business Conversations solves that problem. It enables your experienced team members to up their game in the following areas:

  • Transition from a sales professional to a trusted business advisors.
  • Build a more profitable sales territory by creating specialized business plans for key accounts.
  • Conduct more productive meetings that uncover core customer needs and take the relationship to a long-term partnership level.

Teneo Training Directly Impacts Sales Growth

“Teneo’s participation with both the leadership and sales team has had a direct impact on our sales growth year over year… The trainers have an exceptional ability to quickly gain the trust of the team and help them feel open to trying new concepts and challenge their way of thinking.”

Shannon Hall, CSP, CSL
VP, Sales, Dustbane Products Ltd.

Boost in Sales Team Motivation and Skillsets

“Teneo’s training has helped turn skeptics into enthusiastic staff that are excited to work towards achieving their sales goals. Teneo has improved the caliber of my sales team and the result over these years has been increased customer satisfaction, sales and margin.

Paul McCann
President, Pro Builders Supply Ltd., Home Hardware

Advanced Strategies for Modern Selling

Imagine your experienced reps having the advanced skills and strategies that make them the best in your market. Consider the impact that would have on sales growth!

Purposeful Business Conversations is like an MBA in selling. By completing this training and coaching program, your experienced reps will be masters at the key conversations that turn prospects into customers and customers into partners.

More than a mere workshop, this advanced-level training includes:

  • Two-day interactive classroom training.
  • Six months of live group coaching calls to put strategies and tools into practice with customers.

This program meets the educational requirements of the CSP designation.

Catapult the Performance of Your Experienced Sales Team Members

Maybe your experienced reps are doing okay. But could they be doing better? Could they be uncovering more and bigger opportunities? Growing more key accounts? Closing more sales? Chances are—yes.

Upon completing Purposeful Business Conversations, your team will:


  • Move up the Value Pyramid from sales representative to Business Partner.
  • Be able to identify the most profitable types of customers and grow these into key partnerships.
  • Build on existing knowledge of territory and sales planning to create a Territory Business Plan based on customer portfolio, market and competitive analysis, including KPIs.
  • Create a Key Account Business Strategy for an existing customer that identifies specific business goals and action plan for growing the account.
  • Apply the PURPOSE Conversation Model to identify the difference between a product sales conversation and a business conversation in each stage of the framework, along with a stronger list of business questions to ask.
  • Create 3-Option Proposals with business ROI to demonstrate how your solutions will improve the customer’s business and KPIs.
  • Conduct more effective business review meetings and client and industry interviews to gain business insights that let you provide more value, and move you from preferred vendor to partnership relationships.

Next Steps

To have a “purposeful” conversation about boosting the performance of your sales team, let’s talk.


Get More Conversations with More Prospects — More Often  

Want to improve your team’s prospecting results? Tips and scripts will only get them so far. To truly boost their ability to reach and engage new prospects, they need a purposeful approach. One that’s proven to work in today’s noisy marketplace.

Prospecting Power gives them that.

Aligned with our purposeful selling model, this training program teaches your team how to:

  • find ideal clients,
  • identify their most pressing challenges, needs and goals, and
  • reach them in a way that breaks through and gets the conversation started.

Huge Increase in Orders

“After working with Teneo Results and taking Professional Selling and Designation, and on-going advanced coaching, orders increased by 45%! The team has transformed from skeptics to being on fire and their confidence is high as they apply with pro-active business conversations.”

Vince Travaglini, CSP
CEO, StackTeck Systems Ltd.

See Results In 90 Days

Unlike other programs that merely teach tips, Prospecting Power is an interactive “deep dive” focused on results. We work with your team for three months or more, providing them with assessments, customized instruction, proven best practices, coaching and motivation.

In addition, we facilitate a 90-Day “Let’s Get Results” Prospecting Blitz that ignites their excitement in implementing the new strategies. Often, the results seen during this period — new prospects, more conversations, increases sales, etc. — are spectacular.

A Pleasure to Work With

One of the great benefits of this sales training was developing a structured sales process that we can talk about in the same language globally… The endless energy, professionalism, and a sense of someone who will really cares are just a few of the reasons why Teneo is such a pleasure to work with.”

Brad Adams
Global Training Manager, Semex Alliance

Two Convenient Formats

As with all our programs, we work with your team long-term to teach strategies and coach for results.

Option 1: One day interactive workshop, plus pre-work and bi-weekly coaching calls, plus a 90-day “let’s get results” prospecting blitz.

Option 2: Twelve-week group coaching calls with 90-day prospecting blitz. (Ideal for teams difficult to bring together for a day.)

For those on your team seeking the CSP Designation, our program meets 12 educational PDUs.

Equip Your Team With the Prospecting Power to Land More Customers

Just imagine how many new opportunities you’ll see in the pipeline when your team is reaching and meeting more prospects — and doing so with savvy and confidence.

After completing Prospecting Power, each sales rep will:


  • Have a SMART goal-based prospecting action plan aligned to your company’s objectives.
  • Know how your products/services stand in the marketplace, so they can see the obstacles and opportunities clearly.
  • Use client personas, so they can identify and reach the best prospects — faster.
  • Leverage market research to guide prospect conversations, so the sales process moves more quickly and surely towards a sale.
  • Have a personal Unique Value Proposition statement that competitively positions them in the market.
  • Be able to eliminate negative self-talk, so they can prospect confidently without hesitation or procrastination.
  • Have an in-depth prospecting process including qualification questions specific to your company.
  • Know how to make intelligent recommendations to prospects, greatly increasing the likelihood of a sale.
  • Use the right sales technology tools and social media platforms to further boost prospecting outcomes.
  • Participate in a 90-Day “Let’s Get Results” Prospecting Blitz that rapidly builds confidence and cultivates at least three new prospects.


Program Description: 

Leaders will learn to create a more successful sales culture with bigger wins and greater accountability.

  • Discover new tools that drive high performance.
  • Gain powerful coaching strategies to motivate your team.
  • Lead your team from good to great.

This program is right for…

Sales managers and leaders looking to coach their teams to a higher level of sales performance, even if the team members are complacent or resistant to change.

Blended Learning Format:

Two-day program with three to twelve follow-up group-coaching sessions; can be expanded to one day per quarter for ultimate results, with monthly group coaching sessions.

Learn More about the Program Outcomes

Outcome: Become a stronger leader and coach by learning to…

  1. Understand when to coach and when to manage.
  2. Navigate the pitfalls that turn coaching calls into sales calls.
  3. Ask the right questions to help your team turn problems into solutions.
  4. Develop the talent and potential of your sales team to create a stronger winning sales culture.
  5. Use the powerful PACE Coaching Conversation Framework.
  6. Create an environment that fosters positive behaviour and performance.
  7. Tap into the individual motivators of each one of your reps.
  8. Define clear expectations that provide your reps with a roadmap to success.
  9. Identify what reps would benefit most from your coaching time to maximize your ROI.
  10. Understand development as a key component of the talent management process, and the principles behind it.
  11. Differentiate between coaching conversations and performance appraisals.
  12. Successfully apply the right type of coaching call for different situations.
  13. Conduct structured coaching conversations that result in collaborative go-forward commitments and lead into new coaching accountability.

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