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Before you invest in training make sure you have the right people in the right positions. Assessments are the first step in each phase of the Sales Supremacy System.

Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis (SEIA)

The Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis (SEIA) is the single most important collection of information about your company’s sales organization. It looks at the people, systems and strategies in your sales organization and sheds light on potential problems with your hiring criteria, the quality of your pipeline, and the effectiveness of your sales management efforts.

SEIA also identifies the salespeople who should be performing better and what you must do in order to help them reach their potential. You’ll learn who is trainable, how much training they’ll need and the kind of help from which each will benefit.

Checkpoint 360°® (CP360)

The CheckPoint Management System is a 360-degree assessment used to evaluate the effectiveness of your managers and leaders and to help them identify and prioritize their own development opportunities. This survey compiles a feedback system from direct reports, peers, and supervisors, and then creates a personalized program for developing specific leadership skills based on that feedback. The reports show you how to improve training, management techniques, and communication for greater success.

Profiles Sales Assessment

The Profiles Sales Assessment measures how well a person fits a specific sales job in your organization. This assessment draws data based on the top-performing sales people in specific sales jobs in an organization, and is used primarily for selecting, onboarding, and managing sales people and account managers. The “job modeling” feature is unique, and can be customized by company, sales position, department, manager, geography, or any combination of these factors.

Using this assessment you will be able to predict on-the-job performance in seven critical sales behaviors: prospecting, call reluctance, closing the sale, self-starting, working with a team, building and maintaining relationships, and compensation preference.

Customer Service Profile™ [Part of the PXT Select]

Our clients use the Customer Service Profile to make effective job placements and develop effective work teams within the customer service industry. The Customer Service Profile investigates several areas (Behavioral Traits, Proficiencies, Company Service Alignment, and the Company Service Perspective Comparison) as a part of evaluating how well an individual fits into a particular customer service job.

Sales Leadership Training and Coaching

Sales Coaching for Success
Phase 1

Sales Training

Professional Selling
Phase 1

Certified Sales Professional
(CSP) Designation
Phase 2

Strategic Account Management
Phase 3

Customer Experience and Culture Training

Customer Conversations

This course can be incorporated into the Sales Supremacy System at any point―though we recommend completing it in phase 2.

For technicians, engineers, customer service and anyone else communicating with customers on a regular basis.

Making conversations professional and consultative throughout the company.

All customer-facing teams will benefit from our “Customer Conversations” Program.   Aligned with the consultative principles of the Professional Selling program, we will help you become consistently more professional and proactive in your approach to serving customers and building long-term relationships. Key principles in customer service will be introduced and practiced throughout the 2-day program.

Strategies you’ll learn:

  • Customer Service Best Practices:  Show a Caring Attitude, Be Proactive, Be Knowledgeable, Make it easy, Build Relationships
  • Personality Styles of you, your colleagues, and your customers.
  • The 4 A customer conversation model and application in meaningful conversations to uncover growth opportunities.
  • Cross-organizational Collaboration: Working with other departments to create a consistent customer experience and maximize every customer interaction.
  • Effective phone and email conversation skills.
  • Diffusing difficult customer conversations to gain their loyalty.

This course can be delivered as a 3 hour or full day workshop, or as a series of half day workshops with follow-up group coaching calls.
Minimum of 10 people required.

Workshops and Sales Conferences

Are you ready to lead the new Sales Team in 2020?

For sales leaders looking to make a plan for the future of their company. Explore strategies to help with the shifting workforce demographic.

The year 2020 is quickly approaching! We will help you strategically evolve, prepare, & map out your plans in the coming years when Millennials will represent 50% of your buyers & workforce.

Strategies you’ll learn:

  • Plan for your retiring Baby Boomers – who have a wealth of customer relationships & product/market knowledge
  • Attract & Hire Millennial sales professionals
  • Create a coaching culture that engages both Boomers and Millennials – and everyone in between!
  • Adapt a “Consultative Selling” approach that will appeal to Millennials buyers
  • Explore strategies with fellow Sales Leaders and begin mapping your action plan, so you will be ready for 2020!
  • What will your new defined sales team will look like?
  • How will you adapt to the changing workplace demographics?
  • What will happen if you don’t take action?
This course can be delivered as a full 2-day workshop or a series of half day workshops with follow up group calls.

CSP Successes

“Alexandria Moulding completed the Professional Selling program 5 years ago, and we chose to proceed with CSP certification in 2015. Working toward CSP certification helped the team better plan for their sales calls to differentiate us with our customers. CSP certification was one of the best decisions we made, I would highly recommend CSP Certification for any sales teams who are looking for sales excellence with their teams. We also implemented the “Good to Great to Wow Customer Care program” with our customer service team, to fully integrate the Consultative Process in the company.”

Marianne Thompson, CSP
Vice President of Sales, Jeld-Wen Windows and Doors

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