50% of today’s sales professionals are weak and only 6% are elite. 

If that doesn’t scare you, these scary selling competencies will.

That’s right, we are going to delve into the underbelly of performance gaps in salespeople and look at the scary statistics that surround these competencies that can’t be covered up.

We have connected with our strategic partners at Objective Management Group(OMG) for these unnerving insights on the following five selling competencies and the frightening statistics and poor performance in each area.

Selling Competencies % of Salespeople Who are Competent 
  1. Closure – A salesperson’s ability to get business closed on a timely basis.
  1. Consultative Seller – A salesperson’s ability to take a consultative approach to a sales opportunity and uncover the compelling reason to buy.
  1. Qualifier – A salesperson’s ability to properly qualify an opportunity. 
  1. Mastery of Social Selling – A salesperson’s effective and consistent use of LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging. 
  1. Selling Value – A salesperson’s ability to quantify the opportunity and focus on the value rather than sell on price. 

Statistics provided by Objective Management Group. https://www.objectivemanagement.com/

OMG states “Selling Competencies play a huge part in the difficulties that salespeople have when attempting to sell value or use a consultative approach. This is the combination of strengths that support skills and when the strengths are actually weaknesses, salespeople are uncomfortable and unable to execute the process, strategies, tactics and achieve milestones.”

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