During the month of January, we had the opportunity to kick off a few sales conferences for our clients. Two of the clients, had record growth and were celebrating their sales successes.

The CEO (one from the Americas kicked off their sales conference with a congratulatory message, “Canada―you had the highest sales growth of all our global countries―way to go! Congratulations.”

In the very next breath he continued, “Canada―I need you to pick up the pace! In order to achieve our ambitious 3-year sales goal I’ll need your help.”

You could feel the exhaustion and excitement ripple through the air. Just like many other sales people―and even myself―many sales professionals gave it their absolute all the past year, and they were very proud but they were exhausted.

Now they were being told they had to do it all again, and then some. Most companies are looking for double digit growth in the next five years to double their overall sales. This seems shocking and many of you may be wondering how you’ll ever achieve such an ambitious goal without sacrificing your sanity.  The

New Year is like resetting to zero, but expecting an even higher level result. You may have just jumped higher than ever before, but now you have to go even higher.

It is possible! Here’s my challenge to you: Achieve 10% more, but work 10% less.

I know, it sounds unrealistic but I have some tools to help you out. Jill Konrath’s new book, Sell More, Work Less, is a great guide to help get you started. Jill shares her own personal stories on how she challenged herself to identify what her biggest distractions, procrastinations, and goals were. Chapter by chapter she identifies these elements and in doing so helps prioritize her time more effectively. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to increase their productivity all while working less.

Here are 3 strategies and personal examples to help you Work Smarter, Play Harder, and Celebrate more in 2017.

  1. Work Smarter
  • Make use of time blocking. I am so much more productive when I time block my day. I turn off my emails, texts, social media and I’m amazed at how quickly I can get a project done or get 10 prospecting calls in when I don’t let anything distract me. I also utilize the concept of ROTI (Return on Time Invested). In this 1st quarter, I’m focusing on the top 10 clients who will contribute to my sales goal. This helps me stay organized and prioritize my time accordingly. When I’m meeting with clients I apply the 8-step consultative process to have meaningful business conversations in order to learn all I can about their business. This helps keep our conversations focused, mutually beneficial and ensures we’re both on the same page, working towards both our business goals.
  1. Play Harder
  • It’s important for us to have something to help turn off work and do something for ourselves. I’ve signed up for the Team BeachBody On Demand videos―30 minute workout videos that make me work hard, but in a time that’s manageable. They’re tough but I feel so good afterwards. I’m committed to having a stronger and fitter body when turning 50 this year.  Even if your idea of playing isn’t working out, you can still up the ante in whatever you do enjoy. Make a commitment and stick with it!
  1. Celebrate More
  • Our team has already mapped out our holiday/vacation schedule for 2017 to enjoy and celebrate with long weekends and great trips. Another colleague shared that her office will close every long weekend on Friday at 1pm to celebrate more. Remembering to celebrate is a great way to keep motivated. What will you do to celebrate more for achieving your quarterly goals throughout the year?

Although the notion of working smarter, playing harder and celebrating more may seem idealistic it’s all about perspective. Staying positive, managing time, and being strategic are key to achieving this trifecta in 2017.  What will you do to achieve 10% more and work 10% less???