>>“Are You Ready to Transform Your Sales Team from Good to Great?”

“Are You Ready to Transform Your Sales Team from Good to Great?”

During the last year, we at Teneo, have been on a mission to determine what makes sales people good and, what makes them Great!

We began interviewing buyers and conducted two webinars (Cracking the Code) to explore what it takes to secure meetings with busy decision makers. These individuals’ shared key insights that great sales people consistently execute compared to their “good” counterparts.

We then took it a step further and interviewed several sales leaders to find out what their teams were doing well and where they needed to improve.  We revealed these insights earlier this year during our “From Good to Great” webinar.

From these interviews and webinars as well as our work in the field with sales reps, we have uncovered some of the characteristics that separate the great sales people from the good ones. Here are some of those insights.


Good Sales Reps…                        Great Sales Reps…
Know their sales cycle & territory plan Know your customer’s buying cycle & goals
Prepare for their client meeting in car Research, industry info, trends to position as expert
Provides product solutions with benefits Provides business solutions to meets clients KPI with ROI
Delivers great service & responsive Strategic Partner who is pro-active, valuable resource
Find 3- 5 new customers each year Are disciplined with their time, pipeline and reason to meet
Ask more and  good  questions Ask great & tough questions about client business/future


What does this mean?

Good sales people will continue to survive. However, it will become increasingly more difficult to achieve sales targets and goals, maintain market share and stand out from their competition.

If you are tasked with goal of achieving double-digit growth in 2015, you may have to step up your game and start making the transition from good to great.

For more detailed information, download our  Sales Leaders Insightes Revealed ebook or listen to the “Sales Leaders Insights Revealed-Transforming Sales Teams from Good to Great”  webinar to see what you can do to help your team make the leap from good to GREAT!

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