Consultative selling is an approach that focuses on creating value and trust with your customer and exploring their needs before offering a solution. And this sales team managed to grow their business by 25% by moving from the traditional model of just selling to solving problems.

At a recent client sales conference, the sales team of ReSource Group Canada, who started the journey of being Strategic, Proactive and Brave three years ago by receiving training from us on consultative selling, reflected and gave their insight on the importance of Consultative Conversations and how well it works to grow their business.

Here are their actual insights and comments.

  • “Consultative Selling is a Game Changer – it becomes a habit.”
  • “I know more about our customer’s business and my customer respects me more.”
  • “I care, they care.”
  • “I used to be afraid to ask my customers about my competition in their business… Now, I’m no longer afraid to ask those questions.”
  • “It’s all about preparing for customer meetings, then partnering with your customers.”
  • “Active listening – summarizing and re-affirming what the customer says.”
  • “It takes the customer relationship to a different level.”
  • “It elevates my confidence.”
  • “Purposeful conversations can even be done socially over dinner with a CEO to better understand their business.”
Consultative selling is an approach that focuses on creating value and trust with your customer and exploring their needs before offering a solution. Click To Tweet
  • “If we ask all the right questions, then we will present exactly what the buyer needs and wants – as it [removes] the guess work.”
  • “It shows you care and creates trust with your customer.”
  • “We didn’t talk about products, price or pitch – it was all about approaching buyers in the right way.”
  • “I now look forward to developing an agenda for a customer meeting to explore and discuss more about their business.”
  • “Consultative and purposeful conversations always lead to more positive things and outcomes.”

In addition to growing their business by 25%, the ReSource Group Canada sales team was featured in

ReSource Group Canada sales team the Globe and Mail Sales Supplement in recognition of the entire team earning their CSP Designation. Becoming a Certified Sales Professional is now standard at ReSource Group Canada.

Congratulations to this team on their success and their recent 25th Anniversary Celebration.