In our recent webinar called Cracking The Buyers’ Code: Having Purposeful Business Conversations With Buyersbuyers agreed that sellers do not write emails that result in meetings, yet email was the number one way to connect with them.

We hear from clients all the time that buyers are not responding to their emails. 

So, what gives?

While you can never know for sure what is going on in the mind of that buyer, you can certainly make it more tempting for them to respond to you!

Your job is to demonstrate that a partnership with you means added value for them. 

You do that by showing you have done your research, are knowledgeable about their business and that you have an understanding of how your product complements their current offerings.

The question is, how can you write a compelling email in three to five sentences and get that response? 

Tall order? It does not have to be once you know the winning formula and we want to share that with you today!

  • DO tempt the buyer with an interesting subject line – this is key to them opening the emails at all!
  • DO be concise and clear, but compelling enough to make it easy for the buyer to agree to a meeting.
  • DO provide the name of a reference for immediate credibility.
  • DO show the buyer that you understand their business, the market and trends to help build trust.
  • DO provide links, if possible, of any information you reference.
  • DO follow up your email with a meeting request or send it through LinkedIn, as the notifications are different than a regular email and will make it stand out above the rest.

One of our panelists gave us a great example of a stand-out email she received: 

Hi Melissa, 

I am Cameron from ABC Cosmetics. I was given your name by Jack. I have been shopping in your store on Main Street for some time now. I have noticed your natural food footprint continues to expand but your beauty planogram has not had any new products added to it in months. 

Recently we were featured in an online article as having one of the best natural lipsticks under $20 (provide article link) and it is a certified top seller on XXX (provide site link). 

Let’s get together to talk about it – you have just got to try it! 

Yours truly, 

On the flip side, here is what NOT to do:

  • DON’T send a form letter; be sure to personalize your email to the buyer you are targeting.
  • DON’T delay getting to the point; every sentence should provide value or information.
  • DON’T get overly stylistic – it makes it too hard to read!
  • DON’T forget to check grammar and formatting; it shows a lack of attention to detail.
  • DON’T contact them repeatedly if you do not get an immediate response.

Here is an actual example of what NOT to do that we received at Teneo (coloured font included!):  

Hi Lisa Leitch,


Are you looking for a reliable, talented team for the Website Designing, Mobile andWeb development?

1.  Are you looking to create a new website in Word Press, Simple HTML or E-commerce etc? 

2.  Are you looking to redesign your website with new modern and as per the latest industry standard look and feel? 

3. If your website is not mobile Friendly? We can make your current site mobile friendly/responsive? 

Our expertise’s are in following areas:
•      •          Website Design & Maintenance      
•      •          Mobile Apps Development
•      •          Website Design/Re-Design (WordPress  CMS + Mobile Compatible Design + Browser
•      •          E-Commerce Development
•      •          E-Learning Website
•      •          Digital Marketing
•      •          Interactive Multimedia Service (Logo, Graphics, Multimedia, Catalogue)

Please revert if you require any of the above services and we will be happy to send you sample of our work and costing accordingly.   

Thanks & Kind Regards,
 Development Manager

After seeing these two examples, put yourself in the buyer’s position: Which of these emails would get a response from you? 

Our webinar panelists showed us that it often just takes a few tweaks to make all the difference.

Teneo’s Challenge: Craft that stand-out email based on what you just learned in this blog post and share your results with us!

Last week in the Advance Prospecting Workshop, we had participants practice writing emails that would get results and had them send their emails during the class. A few hours later, two of the participants actually secured meetings. Now that’s results!