To double your business in the next 3-5 years, who are the players to help you carry that medicine ball briskly and enthusiastically up that mountain?

I’m going to challenge you to think way beyond your current sales team. The reality is, additional resources can help you grow your business – ones you might not have thought of!

Let me introduce you to the Wheel of Choice – one of my favourite go-to coaching tools to get sales leaders & teams thinking outside the box, or should we say outside or inside the circle.

You can do this innovative thinking outside your office or typical meeting room.

I’m doing this on the dock at the cottage – yes, the neighbours look at us sideways when we bring the flipchart to the dock and wonder what we are up to!

Additional resources can help you grow your business – ones you might not have thought of! Click To Tweet

In this circle, create 8 slices (just like a pie) that represent 8 different options to grow your business outside your current sales team.

Let me get you started with a few options.

It’s easy to come up with at least 2-3 options, but the best ideas are usually your 6th to 8th ideas. This wheel of choice will force you to think beyond just a few good ideas.

  1. Customer Service/Inside Sales Teamwheel of choice
  2. Product Managers to innovate new products
  3. Expanding your Sales Team members with different skill sets & experience or even recent college/university grads
  4. E-commerce online
  5. Your operations team – how can they help you increase capacity, shipments, efficiency
  6. Channel Partners

Now, go back to your Wheel of Choice and rate each option on a scale of 1-10 that will help you double your business. 1 represents the least likely to have an effect and 10 is maximum effect. You are rating them, not ranking them, so you may have a few 5, 8, 9 and hopefully one or two 10s.

It’s the 9 and 10 rating options that will help you build on these strategies and put them into action.