This is a prospecting sales habit you must consistently do, or put consistently back into place, to fill your pipeline for the fiscal sales year. It’s simply this: dedicating time every week to make your 10 sales prospecting phone calls/emails to the right decision makers, especially during the Q2 Spring Prospecting Blitz.

In today’s hectic, fast-paced sales working environment, prospecting is a sales habit or discipline that is a necessary must-do to be pro-active, rather than reactive, in growing your business to keep your pipeline healthy throughout the year. I highly recommend you create the discipline of 10 calls/emails every week. The minimum of 10 prospecting calls/emails gets you past your mojo and will get you better results to grow your business.

Last week, when I made my 10 calls I spoke with two people live, which is a good batting average. Using follow-up emails, I increased the response rate to four more people = 60% response rate. I secured three meetings and moved one opportunity closer to a yes. This is worth it!

There are three simple steps you can take to proactively prospect that will help you increase your response rate.

  1. Block time in your calendar – the earlier the better. Stay focused and don’t let any other interruptions get in the way. You must be pro-active.
  2. Identify your list of 10 names the day before or throughout the week so you’re ready and excited to call some of those people. Do your research on their website or their LinkedIn profile so you can prepare a compelling reason to meet.
  3. Complete 10 calls and have a great compelling voice message prepared. Follow up with the double whammy approach with 10 emails with the same compelling message to increase your response rate.

There are always emails, interruptions, client requests or excuses that can get in your way. Do you think the best athletes would give up their disciplined practice time and expect to become champions? You MUST dedicate at least 10 proactive prospecting calls/emails every week, or even more, to become a Sales Athlete.

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Read about the success stories of these people who committed to be proactive about their prospecting:

“I saw results as early as week two of Proactive Prospecting. A client I hadn’t done business with in a very long time said my timing was great! This would have never happened if I hadn’t made that Proactive Prospecting connection.”

“As a direct result of the Prospecting Power program, I was able to land a client with the potential of generating over $2 million in sales.” 

“The Prospecting Power Program was a valuable tool to rejuvenate and keep me focused on the importance of continually prospecting. Ultimately, I developed several new opportunities amounting to over $200,000 in business. A great prospecting habit that delivers results!”

“The Prospecting Power program is helpful, easy to use and most importantly holds us accountable to make those calls. As a result, we landed a $10,000 order with a new client within 6 weeks of starting the program, and now this new client’s order is turning into a program worth over $20,000 annually!”


Say “Yes” to one hour of your Prospecting Hour of Power, and say NO to anything else that would get in the way of this hour!