We have three major changes at Teneo to better serve our customers and the sales community, and there is one thing that will always remain consistent at Teneo. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Teneo has an Accredited Partnership with CPSA

After more than 10 years of working with the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) as a Strategic Training Partner, we are thrilled to now be an Accredited Training Partnership with CPSA. Our accredited training programs prepare salespeople to meet the CPSA’s Professional Sales Designation pathway. This pathway is attracting more people, including college and university graduates, to the sales industry and will strengthen the sales community.

Our Rigorous Training Programs 

As a result of the new standards and sales competencies set by CPSA, we have increased the rigorous nature of our training program, with Teneo’s style of interactive training and coaching, kicked up a notch to help sales teams raise their A game to meet today’s demanding buyers.

Our Purposeful Sales Strategies program that will prepare salespeople to successfully complete their Certified Sales Associate Professional Sales Designation (CSA). The feedback from our past participants has been phenomenal with a rating of 9.5 out of 10!

Our Purposeful Business Strategies Program prepares salespeople to successfully complete the Certified Sales Professional Designation (CSP), which is a gold standard program for achieving sales excellence in the industry today.

In addition, our advanced prospecting program Purposeful Prospecting helps sales professionals to identify ideal clients, and secure and close meetings with key decision makers with a 90-day prospecting blitz.

Each of our programs consist of Teneo’s integrated training and coaching model along with interactive microlearning videos and a practicum component, which differentiates our training from the rest.

The one thing that has not changed is our dedicated team and how we remain extremely committed to our clients. Click To Tweet

Teneo New Brand & Website 

We have gone through the intensive process of rebranding our company and website to match our company values and sales training structure.

We chose the ring icon. The inside ring symbolizes that we start with coaching sales leaders, as they are at the core of an organization and are pivotal to the success of sales teams. The second ring represents sales teams and how Teneo helps to transform them from good to great. The third ring represents Teneo working with customer service teams, as they are a valuable extension of the sales team. The final ring symbolizes the entire organization. Teneo works to align the sales culture across all departments to create an exceptional customer experience that delivers results.

Teneo Commitment Remains Consistent

The one thing that has not changed is our dedicated team and how we remain extremely committed to our clients.

Thank you to our many clients and suppliers who provided us with feedback, insights and support throughout these changes – we are very grateful.

Our Teneo team, consisting of Shannon, Angela, Jennifer, Jasmine and Chris, have all pitched in to ensure the changes within our business strengthen the client experience, our team and company culture.

If you need help with your sales goals, let’s talk. Email me at lisa@teneoresults.com

Teneo Challenge: What will you do to embrace change and be strategic, proactive and brave in the coming years?