It’s the end of Q1- are you ahead or behind in your sales game for the year? Do you have enough in your pipeline to secure your yearly sales? Are you consistently finding the time to pro-actively prospect, every week? Have you tried a 90-day prospecting challenge?

Prospecting is what has changed the most in sales and its become tough – even a grind – so many sales professionals are avoiding it. To grow your sales and exceed your sales, you must sharpen your prospecting skills to secure more meetings and more business, especially with new customers.

Join me during the next 90 days as I share prospecting strategies and tips each week. There are 13 weeks starting April 1 and wrapping up before a long summer weekend. What a great way to celebrate your Prospecting Success when you secure new profitable customers!


Here are my best secrets to prepare for your 90-day prospecting challenge:

  • Block the time every week in your calendar year for the next 13 weeks. I just realized we are hosting our Evolve Sales Leaders Think Tank on Thursday, April 4 and I’m already committed to training engagements on Wed April 3 and Friday, April 5 – – so I just blocked Tuesday, April 2 in my calendar to make my prospecting calls. Don’t just block for one week – block the time in your calendar for the next 13 weeks, working around any commitments. No excuses for not making these important prospecting calls/emails, every week!
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  • In working with many sales professionals and personally applying it myself, we find early in the morning between 7:30 – 8:55am, before those important buyers get into their first meeting at 9am. Many people think it’s too early in the morning – this is when I find more buyers are willing to answer the phone or respond to email. Thursday mornings are yielding the best results in the week.
  • Create your Hot Prospect List. This also includes your HOT Suspect List. A list of companies and buyers and roles you want to grow your business with. Now, do a quick analysis of this Hot Prospect List. Are you calling on the right people or just your favourites or easy people to schedule the meetings? Who are the people that can truly say “yes” to you?
  • Further brainstorm with this list to get inside their minds. What are the biggest challenges they are facing in their position? What don’t they have time to do on their overflowing platter? What pressures are they feeling from their boss? What KPIs (Key Performance Index) are they being measured on? How can you help them look good in their role? What would it take for them to get a promotion? This will help you create custom speaking points and messaging to get their attention.
  • Your brand. Remember the brand and/or perception of salespeople is the sleazy car salesperson. When you call them, you are interrupting them. When you email them you’re adding to their already overflowing inbox – you don’t want them to simply hit the delete button before they even read your email. What will you say to position yourself as a trusted consultative advisor who can help them, from one professional to another?

Will you commit to this 90-day challenge? If so, leave a comment below and let us know!