As we progress into the sales year, are YOU getting in your own way of achieving your sales goal success this year?

In two recent goals webinar, we polled the sales rep community to hear what they were predicting for their sales goals for the year ahead. We were fascinated and even a little surprised by the results.

Check out question five for the most surprising poll result and what truly impacts sales performance and sales goal achievement…and it’s not your competitors or your organization!

Here’s a quick summary of the combined results *. How do your responses compare to this polled sales community?

Q1 – Did you achieve your sales goal for the past year?

The research found that 26% of salespeople slam dunked and exceeded their sales goals by meeting their quota, yet 58% did not achieve their sales goals, and in the sales world, that’s reality – yet very disappointing. We truly need sales professionals to make more sales and achieve company sales goals as it’s vital to a strong economy.

Q2 – What is your sales goal increase for this year?

Over 21% are expecting a 20%+ growth for this year – very optimistic!

Less than 10% are expecting small sales targets of 1-5% growth this year. The majority (28-55%) are expecting a double-digit growth of 10-19% growth. This is fascinating to see how optimistic sales professionals are in future sales growth opportunity to increase sales, yet it contradicts their actual goal achievement.

Q3 – What is your long-term sales goal for 2022 – three years from now?

A) No idea – don’t plan that far ahead = 21%
B) My company sets those goals = 19%
C) Steady growth – approximately 20-30% growth in three years = 42%
D) Double my sales in the next three years = 18%

This shows confidence in sales with strong future growth for the next three years, despite rumblings of a more challenging economy ahead. Great to see sales professionals continue to be optimistic for a strong future.

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Q4 – What is your strategy to achieve your sales goals?

21% of sales reps and sales leaders said with existing customers, 56% said hunting or prospecting to find at least five new customers this year, and only 6% said referrals. At Teneo this year, we found the referral strategy the most effective way to grow our business. There is still a surprisingly small percentage of sales team members who admit that “winging it” is still their strategy to achieve their goals.

Q5 – What is getting in the way of achieving your goals? The most surprising poll result!

24% said there’s just not enough time in the day, a few said their boss, but 43% said it was them! They were the biggest factor that was going to get in the way of achieving sales growth this year! In our second webinar, 58% of the attendees admitted that they get in the way of achieving their goals.

If YOU are the reason for not achieving your sales goals, then I suggest making a list of all the obstacles that YOU allow to get in the way. Then, in a second column on this list, identify a strategy to overcome these challenges.

I’m a learning junkie and was attending my first session of Strategic Coach, a great program for entrepreneurs, and they had us do a similar exercise to set sales goals and stretch goals. I found it very empowering and encouraging to do this exercise, as it improves your own self-talk, builds confidence, along with setting realistic actionable strategies that will help you to realize there is a way to overcome the obstacles and achieve your goals.

*note – Since we are combining two poll results, the percentages will not add up to a 100%.

Catch the On Demand version of the webinar I’ve been referencing, 7 Factors that Get in the Way of Achieving Your Sales Goals, here.

In addition, download our 3 Year Goal Planning Table to set your objectives and achieve your 90 days, one year and three year goals.