Some days it feels like we spend more energy focused on what we CAN’T do – especially in these times when many of our favourite places are closed and plans cancelled. We can’t meet with clients, we can’t go inside our favourite restaurant, we can’t attend our favourite conference. There is no clear direction for the future, and we may never return to our past normalcy.

Even though I’m very positive and optimistic about life and business, there are days when I feel down and prefer to just hit the snooze button – this must be a bad dream. Though as much as I wish I could wake up in a different world, we can’t change this reality – we CAN however change our thinking and focus on what we CAN do.

We can’t change this reality - we CAN however change our thinking and focus on what we CAN do. Click To Tweet


Recently when I caught myself focusing on the negatives, I decided I had to re-adjust. I grabbed a notepad and started to brainstorm a list of all the things I could do, that I could control and most importantly – that I can could excited about.  As I started to draft this list, I began feeling much better, stronger, and excited. The ideas just kept coming – now I’m overwhelmed with all that I can do!  I chose to rank these ideas on a scale of 1-10 to help me identify which ones I could put into action.

What is your list of #whatyoucando?  You can expand this list to work, family, even summer activities:

Sales – #WhatYouCANDo

  • You can sell to customers using virtual platforms
  • You can identify customers who are increasing sales and not reducing costs
  • You can focus on your key customers to grow business with other divisions/locations

Prospecting – #WhatYouCANDo

  • You can research new verticals
  • You can ask for referrals
  • You can use LinkedIn Navigator to find new leads

Enjoy the Summer with limited travel – #WhatYouCANDo

  • Porch Drinks with Neighbours
  • Outdoor Office Space
  • Ice Cream!

Start a new Hobby – #WhatYouCANDo

Donate to a Charity – your time, funds or even your empties! #WhatYouCANDo

  • Foodbank
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Your favourite charity

Family – #WhatYouCANDo

  • Summer Picnic
  • Road Trip
  • Get a new Pet

This list is just to get your positive ideas flowing.  Share, post, or make this a challenge in your next team huddle.  Be creative and have fun to make the most of this summer – let us know your top 3 commitments for the month of June – we would love to see what your list looks like! #WhatYouCANDo.