Because of the preview options, buyers are quickly deleting messages without even reading them.

It’s time to do something different to get their attention.

Last week, during my prospecting blitz time, I made 18 telephone calls followed by customized email messages. Doing this alone increased my response rate to 50% and secured three meetings.

I call this the “Double Whammy Approach”.

During your 90-day Prospecting Blitz use the Double Whammy Approach with a voicemail message followed by an email to increase your prospecting response rate.

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Here are 8 tips to customize your prospecting emails:

  1. A creative and catchy subject line is key to getting a click to open rather than a click to delete!
  2. The first line or two of the email has to be catchy, other than something like, “How are you?” Most people are reading their emails on their mobile device, so you want the first few words to catch their attention. If you want to test your email, send it to yourself or a colleague and read it on a mobile device. Ask yourself – would you open this email and read it?
  3. If you have a referral name, use it! A referral is one of the best ways to stand out because it instantly gives you credibility in the mind of the buyer and increases your chances. Put this in the first line of your email. John Smith suggested that I reach out to you…
  4. Keep your email short and concise. Three to five sentences or short paragraphs are plenty! If you’re sending to a driver personality, use bullets to get their attention.
  5. Let your buyer know you’ve done your research and put it to good use by using it to support your reason to meet. Tie your research back to how you want to help them. Remember – make it about them and not you!
  6. Consider providing information or links to places your product has been featured – great product reviews, awards, or customer testimonials for instance. Buyers like to do research too, and this makes it easier for them to learn more about your company and product. If sending the email to a Driver Personality, keep it short. Provide more information if you’re sending to an Analyzer Personality Type.
  7. Don’t be selling too soon in your email – the purpose of your email and voicemail is to get their attention, intrigue them with a customized message and secure a meeting, not sell them!
  8. End your email with a strong call to action and provide at least two to three specific date options for your meeting/call, to make it easy for them to say yes to a date option.

In our “Cracking the Code Buyers webinar”, buyers shared that if you write a compelling and customized message, it can only take one attempt to get their attention. For others, it may take a few more times.

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