Webinar Recording – “Your Buyers and Sales Team are Changing – How will you be ready by 2020?”

Webinar Recording – “Your Buyers and Sales Team are Changing – How will you be ready by 2020?”

Your Buyers and Sales Team are Changing – How will you be ready by 2020?

Teneo Webinar

Did you know…

• By the year 2020, 50% of the work force will be represented by millennials (those currently under the age of 34)
Millennials buy from salespeople differently than other generations.
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During the webinar, we discuss the changing workforce demographics and learn how to prepare for 2020:

  • How will the shift in demographics impact your sales team?
  • How will you create a succession plan with your aging salesforce?
  • How will you attract and engage Millennials to your sales team?
  • How will this affect your customers’ preferred buying preferences?
  • Will your sales team be able to effectively sell to Millennials?

Create the optimal sales team for 2020!

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The Top 5 Things Employers MUST know about Millennials

The Top 5 Things Employers MUST know about Millennials

ThinkstockPhotos-450509611Millennials are the largest, most diverse, most educated and most connected generation of all time and that’s why companies have to pay attention to them in a big way.

Here are the TOP 5 THINGS EMPLOYERS MUST KNOW ABOUT MILLENNIALS in order to attract, retain and engage this generation.

1. Flexible Work Arrangements

Millennials want to work smarter not harder.  Flexibility with work schedules is important to millennials so that they achieve a work life balance.

2. Transparent Culture That Is Inspiring And Engaging

Millennials place a high value on transparency and respond well to authentic leaders.  They want a culture where strengths are valued, voices given and stories are shared.

3. Collaborative work culture

Millennials where raised to share, it is embedded in their DNA.  Having a collaborative work culture rather than a competitive one is required to engage this generation.  They seek coaches not managers.

4. Trust & Empowerment

Millennials want to explore new ideas and challenges to keep themselves motivated.  Provide a platform for their distinct skills in order to keep them engaged and become better producers.

5. Meaningful Work

Millennials are suckers for significance.  They want a higher purpose to make the world a better place.  They want to know that their personal contribution makes an impact.  They expect more assurances that companies care about their consumers, employees and the shaping of the world.

Disconnect and Recharge Your Batteries!

Disconnect and Recharge Your Batteries!


I did it!  I gave myself a totally tech free holiday for 10 days and was amazed how it recharged my batteries!

It was exactly what I needed after a busy year and before we moved into 2015 with more lofty goals!

During the Christmas holidays, my family went on a Caribbean cruise to celebrate my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary.  My parents, my 3 brothers and our families – total of 16 people (everyone got along and no one even thought of throwing anyone overboard!)


Planning for Sales Success

Planning for Sales Success


How many selling days do you have available to you this year?

During my tenure as a sales trainer, I have heard countless excuses why sales people did not reach their monthly, quarterly or annual targets. Aside from the traditional “competitor”, “price” and “economy” reasons, I have also heard reps say things like, “I was at a trade show for four days this month”, “The sales meeting took me away from my territory” or other such excuses.

Long-term success in sales doesn’t just happen; it takes planning and strategizing and part of that planning is calculating the actual number of selling days you have available.


Planning Your Sales Goals

Planning Your Sales Goals


I used to think that my aspirations or “dreams” were goals, and at the time that was good enough for me.

Then I started to work at Teneo where I learned that having a dream wasn’t going to make it a reality, but having goals would!  I have been practicing developing SMART goals ever since!

Having goals is important in every aspect of your life, from professional to personal.  You are never too young to start setting and achieving your goals – so get your family involved too!  It can be so inspiring to watch and help others achieve their goals and being a part of the goals process can be rewarding in more ways than 1!


7 Reasons To Complete Business Reviews With Your Clients

7 Reasons To Complete Business Reviews With Your Clients

November and December are an optimal time of the year to conduct Business Review Meetings

with your current clients – especially your top clients.  A business review meeting is valuable to your clients too!  In my years in sales, I found this to be a game-changer to move my relationships from vendor to a more trusting partnership.  You can even ask them to invite others from their company to this meeting –other divisions or department heads, perhaps their boss or even key employees.

Here are 7 reasons how a business review meeting can improve your sales results.

  1. It is a great opportunity to have a purposeful sales conversation with your valuable clients and find out what is working, what is not working and your recommendations to improve the relationship or the services you provide.
  2. Understand their goals & initiatives for 2015. This is most important – when they start talking listen for opportunities on how you can help them.
  3. Position you as a valuable resource to review the year and begin planning for the entire next year, rather than project by project or visit by visit.
  4. Many companies are in planning and budgeting mode, right now which makes it an ideal time to secure your services for next year.
  5. Your clients are challenged as to what they are going to do better or differently next year. A business review meeting is a great opportunity to brainstorm with them and provide recommendations. This positions you as a business resource, not just as someone who sells a product or service.
  6. Your competitors are not doing it!!!  This is an incredibly effective way to keep your competitors from getting in the door with your top clients.
  7. Your client relationship might be a bit rocky. That means a pro-active approach on your part to discuss the current issues and how you can resolve them will position you more favorably.

Here’s how you position the meeting.

I recommend a personal telephone call and you can leave them a personalized voice mail message (yes – they still like it!) and then send them an email with at least 2-3 date options and times.

We have been working with you during the past xxx years, we would like to schedule a Business Review Meeting with you to review the past year and your plans for next year…”

Business Review Meeting Agenda

Like the idea, but not sure where to start? We have created a Business Review Template for you to use. Click here to download it.

Now…create a list of your top 3-10 clients, pick up the phone and schedule this Business Review Meeting.  You’ll be amazed at how well this meeting is received and how you’ll secure a stronger partnership (and revenue) for 2015…or fix a rocky client situation.  Let us know how your Business Meetings go with your client. Email me at lisa@teneoresults.com