Sales leaders, which one of these factors is getting in your way of sales success?

Sales Leaders are pivotal in the success of sales organizations. With competitive demands and coaching up with senior executive pressures and constant problem solving from the front-line sales team, it’s not easy to be a sales leader – yet we need stronger and braver sales leaders to lead & coach their teams into 2020 and three years beyond.

#1. 100% of Sales Managers Have Self-limiting Beliefs.

Self-limiting beliefs include, “coaching won’t work” or “my salespeople won’t follow a sales process” or “if I hold my salespeople accountable, they’ll quit”!

#2. 65% of Sales Managers Have Non-Supportive Buy-Cycles

They make their major purchases in a way that will not support ideal sales outcomes.  They may look for the lowest price, comparison shop, think things over, think a relatively small amount of money is a lot of money, do research, etc.  When a salesperson comes back with an objection/excuse, the sales manager won’t be effective in coaching the salesperson.

#3. 55% of Sales Managers Become Emotional

They’re talking to themselves or thinking too much and, as a result, their listening skills won’t be optimal. If they attempt a role-play to demonstrate, they might jump ahead, instead of doing a slow, consultative role-play and following up on answers with appropriate new questions to ask.

#4. 23% of Sales Managers Lack Commitment

This suggests that they don’t have the commitment to do what it takes if it is outside of their comfort zone

#5. 55% of Sales Managers are Excuse Makers

When they rationalize why coaching won’t change anything, why some salespeople can’t be coached, why coaching them a certain way won’t work, nothing will change. 

#6. Too Many Sales Managers Rescue Their Salespeople

This means that they are too quick to jump in and help the sales rep secure the sale, rather than coaching them to provide advice that will help the sales rep secure the sale themselves.

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Source: OMG

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