Sales Race to Your Sales Finish Line

I just ran my 5thhalf marathon (21.1 km). The training and actual sales race allowed me to do lots of thinking during the run and how it relates to sales – especially as we move into the fourth quarter and get closer to the sales finish line.

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Don’t Give Away the Farm!

Last week I had the opportunity to visit several dairy farms with a sales rep (we’ll call him Bill) in the agricultural industry. The rep was a dairy farmer himself and his knowledge was clearly evident as he met with the farmers, toured their properties, and looked at, and discussed, the cows.

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6 Ways to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever!

If you have attended one of our sales training workshops or been a coaching client or even read this newsletter for a while you probably know that at Teneo we’re big believers in setting goals. In fact, last week Shannon (our client services manager) wrote a great post on the subject.

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