Disconnect and Recharge Your Batteries!

I did it! I gave myself a totally tech free holiday for 10 days and was amazed how it recharged my batteries! It was exactly what I needed after a busy year and before we moved into 2015 with more lofty goals!

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Planning for Sales Success

How many selling days do you have available to you this year? During my tenure as a sales trainer, I have heard countless excuses why sales people did not reach their monthly, quarterly or annual targets.

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Planning Your Sales Goals

I used to think that my aspirations or “dreams” were goals, and at the time that was good enough for me. Then I started to work at Teneo where I learned that having a dream wasn’t going to make it a reality, but having goals would!

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Sales Race to Your Sales Finish Line

I just ran my 5thhalf marathon (21.1 km). The training and actual sales race allowed me to do lots of thinking during the run and how it relates to sales – especially as we move into the fourth quarter and get closer to the sales finish line.

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