Customer Service–Just Show You Care

I’m not a touchy, feely type of person.  I’m an expressive-driver, but when I’m frustrated I switch to driver mode. This means that my first tendency is to get things done quickly and efficiently, but I was recently reminded just how prevalent my expressive side can...

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Achieve 10% More – Work 10% Less!

During the month of January, we had the opportunity to kick off a few sales conferences for our clients. Two of the clients, had record growth and were celebrating their sales successes. The CEO (one from the Americas kicked off their sales conference with a...

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Top 5 Methods of Prospecting 

No matter what type of industry, there exists many types of prospecting to find qualified leads.  Salespeople need to prospect continually-the real question is how?  Here’s a list of several common types of prospecting: Warm Calling Warm calling remains the most...

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