Don’t Give Away the Farm!

Last week I had the opportunity to visit several dairy farms with a sales rep (we’ll call him Bill) in the agricultural industry. The rep was a dairy farmer himself and his knowledge was clearly evident as he met with the farmers, toured their properties, and looked at, and discussed, the cows.

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6 Ways to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever!

If you have attended one of our sales training workshops or been a coaching client or even read this newsletter for a while you probably know that at Teneo we’re big believers in setting goals. In fact, last week Shannon (our client services manager) wrote a great post on the subject.

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Are You Ready to Trade Off?

Negotiating is a critical sales skill and one that takes constant practice to develop and refine. Here’s an under-utilized sales negotiating technique that can help you resist discount demands and requests for other concessions.

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Creating Simple Habits is sometimes not so simple!

September is the time to get back to routine, back to business and back to school. What I love about this time of the year, is that it gives you the chance to develop new habits or routines. It’s the opportunity for a fresh start, almost like starting the New Year.

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Are your salespeople getting meetings, but failing to attract, retain and secure new business?

Our upcoming event will be addressing this and more.


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