Sales Confidence: Why do we Sabotage Our Confidence?

I’ve observed that sales confidence is one of the biggest challenges that sales professionals and sales leaders are facing with their sales calls, sales presentations and especially sales prospecting. It’s not just new sales professionals, it’s more of the tenured...

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Warming Up to Prospecting

It can feel pretty chilly after a big client loss, whether or not it’s winter! During this past year, we have tried several different prospecting strategies to grow our business after a major client had to halt their sales training program. We are sharing with you the...

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Are You A Great Boss And Leader? 

Like many leaders, I want to be a great leader and I always strive to be my best. Yet, I wonder is my best good enough? What do others think about my leadership style? During this past year, I chose to be brave and get feedback through the CheckPoint 360° Competency...

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Better Customer Conversations with PURPOSE 

When we train with the Consultative Conversation eight-step framework, people often share how much they love it. Why? Because it provides them with a structure in asking their customers valuable questions, learn more about their customers’ businesses, and uncover...

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Are your salespeople getting meetings, but failing to attract, retain and secure new business?

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