Business Savvy Sales Professionals Secure More Deals

If you look under the hood of your client’s and prospect’s business to understand what is happening in their business and financial numbers, it can turn into greater sales numbers for you. Let me explain. Rather than increasing product knowledge, you need to...

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Is Your Personal Brand Sabotaging Your Sales Success?

A salesperson’s brand can help change the sales stigma and perception. In prospecting, it's even more critical to differentiate your personal sales brand to make a great first impression and secure the first meeting. Mistakes in Prospecting When prospecting, most...

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Do Customers Love Salespeople?

Customers may love your products or service, your business, and even your customer service team. But do they love salespeople? What can we do to earn respect and feel the love by customers and others who are not in sales (including my own university daughters)? Here...

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