Are You Too Busy For You?

It’s another very full and crazy year - are you feeling the same? For the past several years, I have committed to completing a half marathon each year. It would have been easy to say, “I’m too busy to do something for me.” Do you think the same way? Even though I know...

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Planning Your Sales Days for Success

How many sales days and hours do you actually have to achieve your sales goals? Only 57% of sellers will achieve their sales target this year. I have heard countless excuses why salespeople don’t reach their monthly, quarterly or annual targets. Aside from the...

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Self-Talk – The Most Important Conversation in Sales

What’s the most important conversation we have in sales? It’s the one we have before we even speak with our customer – our self-talk – because the tone of our internal monologue can determine whether we make that sale or not. Good self-talk helps us stay positive and...

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Only 100 Days to Achieve Your Sales Goals

Wow - it's hard to believe - only 100 days left to achieve this year’s sales goals! I’m not trying to rush summer or the end of the year.  Some of you might be thinking it’s about 120 days to the end of the year, but the reality is you’re not going to be closing sales...

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Create a Sales Movement

It’s time to change the way the world looks at sales and by doing that we have to create a movement to transform ourselves into more proactive and brave salespeople.  Where do you do your most creative thinking? As I write this, I’m sitting by the lake because I think...

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